If you are a high-profile leftist and even the Tinseltown glitterati are turning on you, either the nation is slowly changing or you are so mind-numbingly awful at your job or so co-opted that even the people who would normally back you are now calling for your ouster.

Such is the case of LA District Attorney George Gascón. You may remember him from some of his greatest hits, including ensuring that a 26-year-old male sex offender who suddenly discovered he was a woman would do his two-year sentence in a juvenile facility. As if that was not enough, the website Recall District Attorney George Gascon has a list of crimes that have occurred under Gascón’s watch.

From the site:

53-year-old Fatima Johnson was bound, gagged, and murdered in her South LA home. Darryl Collins, her boyfriend, is charged in the case and has a string of crimes including two convictions for murder. Gascón’s policies will allow Collins to be eligible for “elder parole,” despite his record.

In 2018, 61-year-old John Ruh was shot and killed by gang members as he finished his shift at a gas station. One of the accused perpetrators was caught on camera smiling as he left and later allegedly threatened a witness. The defendant is 16, but according to the site, Gascón’s “Youth Justice Policy” will keep the accused from being charged in criminal court.

February 1996. Elmer Benson, age 79 and wheelchair-bound, was stabbed six times during a home invasion robbery. His 74-year-old wife Gladys was stabbed 16 times. The site states: “A jury convicted the defendant of two counts of murder, multiple murder Special Circumstance and robbery and sentenced him to death.  The case is now back in court on a defense motion.  Gascon’s blanket Death Penalty and Habeas Corpus Policies require the prosecution to concede so that the death sentence will be converted to Life Without the Possibility of Parole.”

In November of 2018, Donato Cruikshank, who was about to turn 18 murdered his 16-year-old girlfriend Sierra Brown and then turned a gun on her sister, Uniek Atkins, and killed her. He stole their cellphones and started a fire to cover his tracks. Under the law, Cruikshank could have been charged with murder, but again, Gascón’s Youth Justice Policy allowed him to be tried as a juvenile and he’ll probably walk as a free man after seven years.

And then, of course, there are the smash-and-grab crimes in even the toniest sections of the City of Angels and the Great Train Robberies, in which LA’s emboldened criminals have enjoyed significant five-finger discounts on goods meant for other people.

Gascón, who benefitted greatly from the largesse of George Soros, allegedly in the neighborhood of $2.5 million, is facing a challenge from a front he probably never expected: the Hollywood elites.

Los Angeles Magazine counts as supporters of the effort real estate luminaries such as Geoffrey Palmer and Gerald Marcil; Mike Medavoy, the co-founder of Orion Pictures and his wife; Clinton cronies such as Ron Burkle and Jordan Kaplan. You can also add George Clooney’s producing partner Grant Heslov and ex-20th Century Fox Producer Grant Sheinberg. Throw in Sugar Ray Leonard and Rosanna Arquette, and there is no telling what could happen.

Frontpage Mag speculates that the impetus for the backlash may be the murder of Jacqueline Avant, the mother-in-law of Ted Sarandos, one of the people who helms Netflix. Avant, the wife of music mogul Clarence Avant, was shot to death in her Beverly Hills home in December of last year. Days later, 29-year-old Aariel Maynor, who also has a lengthy criminal record, was charged.

Avant’s death was a tragedy. But so were the deaths of Fatima Johnson, John Ruh, Elmer and Gladys Benson, Sierra Brown, and Uniek Atkins. The homeless camps and addicted people are also tragedies. The policies that destroy businesses are also horrific. But the overarching problem is that the media moguls, tycoons, and king-and-queen makers could not see the truth and understand that a deal had been struck with the devil until Gascón’s policies claimed one of their own.

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