For everyone except the mainstream media, it’s been clear for years now that Donald Trump was illegally spied on. The latest filing from Special Counsel John Durham has shown that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was also behind an intricate conspiracy to hack Trump and look for incriminating evidence, and possibly even plant incriminating evidence.

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The mainstream media can no longer pretend that Trump was never spied on. But for the past five years, they unequivocally denied that any spying took place.

“The media’s knee-jerk dismissal of Trump’s allegations has left them looking pretty foolish in this case. It’s not the first time their incurious attitude has come back to bite them, and it’s likely to happen again as Durham’s investigation continues,” said Bill D’Agostino from Newsbusters.

Newsbusters, which tracks examples of media bias, has compiled a supercut of media clips that show the anti-Trump media carrying water for the Obama administration and the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2019.

Have a look:

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