Justin Trudeau is 50 years old — decades younger than his superannuated fellow Leftist career politicians south of the border (Pelosi is 81, Biden is 79, and California Sen. Dianne Feinstein is 88) — but he doesn’t have any new ideas. Leftists in Canada use the same old playbook as their counterparts in the United States: smear all foes as Nazis, white supremacists, bigots, racists, “Islamophobes” — whatever name or combination of names is appropriate in any given situation. And never, ever engage with their ideas. Trudeau stooped to this tactic yet again on Thursday.

The fun started when Canadian MP Melissa Lantsman, a member of the Conservative Party, challenged Trudeau in parliament by quoting him. “If Canadians are to trust their government, their government needs to trust Canadians,” Lantsman said. Then she added, “Those are the words of the prime minister in 2015. ‘These people, very often misogynistic, racist, women-haters, science deniers, the fringe.’ Same prime minister six years later, as he fans the flames of an unjustified national emergency.” She concluded with the question everyone should be asking: “When did the prime minister lose his way?” Another good question would have been, Does the prime minister even believe in a republican form of government?

Trudeau responded defiantly by taking the low road. “Conservative Party members can stand with people who wave swastikas,” he began. As outraged MPs began heckling Trudeau, he continued, “They can stand with people who wave the Confederate flag. We will choose to stand with Canadians who deserve to be able to get to their jobs, to be able to get their lives back. These illegal protests need to stop, and they will.”

Lantsman was having none of Trudeau’s nonsense. “Unbecoming as a prime minister. It’s been forty-eight hours that the government went from doing nothing to a national emergency. Forty-eight hours into using the measures. Forty-eight hours without providing parliament with a justification. So my question is simple: When will the prime minister admit that he’s lost control of the situation, that he’s lost control of his country, that he’s lost control of his caucus, and that he’s lost control of his leadership?”

Good questions all, but of course, they remained unanswered. Trudeau apparently wanted to give the impression that he didn’t have to answer to a gang of Nazis.

Dane Lloyd, another Conservative MP, hammered Trudeau on his smear. “I’ve never seen such shameful and dishonorable remarks coming from this prime minister,” said Lloyd, revealing that he hasn’t been following Justin Trudeau’s career all that closely. Lloyd then detailed actions taken by members of his own family who fought the Nazis during World War II before he said, “There are members of this Conservative caucus who are the descendants of victims of the Holocaust. For the prime minister to accuse any colleague in this House of standing with the swastika is shameful. I’m giving the prime minister an opportunity; I’m calling on him to unreservedly apologize for this shameful remark.”

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Trudeau plowed blandly ahead with a barrage of clichés and cant. “Canadians deserve their freedoms back,” said the man who took them away. As the heckling started again, he continued, “These illegal blockades that have continued to interfere with people’s livelihood, to interfere with people’s daily lives —”

At that point, the Speaker of the House of Commons, Anthony Rota, stopped Trudeau to silence the enraged MPs. But when Trudeau began again, he offered more of the same blather. Conspicuously, he never apologized. Challenged by Lloyd once more to do so, Trudeau again, in tried-and-true Leftist fashion, simply ignored the entire controversy and offered additional soothing platitudes.

The exchange went on until another MP, Scott Reid, offered the best observation of the entire incident. Noting that he, among other MPs, had Jewish ancestors, Reid called on “the prime minister to come back and retract his words. The prime minister is very good at apologizing for acts that took place before he was born by people he wasn’t involved with. It’s time for him to take responsibility for his own words and apologize for what he said.”

Trudeau did not, of course, do so.

On Friday, a group of 23 Jewish Israeli scientists, physicians, researchers, and legal scholars wrote to Trudeau that they were “apolitical” but “deeply concerned by your attempt to stigmatize the Freedom Convoy 2022 protestors as Nazi ideology supporters.”

Trudeau, however, will remain as unmoved by this as he was by the words of the angry MPs. Ultimately, he knows that the establishment media will cover for him as it does for Biden, and even helpfully explain that he was right, that the Freedom Convoy protestors are Nazis. As long as Justin Trudeau furthers the Left’s authoritarian agenda, he can say whatever he wants.

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