His lowness, Princess Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, may or may not be the son of Fidel Castro, but his tactics for handling protestors are a chip off the old block.

Yesterday, Trudeau’s commie cavalry trampled two peaceful protestors, one of whom was an elderly woman with a scooter-walker thingy. The Ottawa police claimed someone threw a bike at a horse. Actually, the sound the police heard was a horse stomping on a scooter and its rider.

Today the Ottawa police are doubling down on the blame game AND their tactics. They are accusing the most peaceful protestors ever seen, (REAL peaceful protestors, not the CNN type of “mostly peaceful protestors”  who light fires, loot, and shoot cops) of being “assaultive and aggressive with officers and horses.” Now the Ottawa police are bringing helmets and batons for their “protection” as they pepper-spray, club, and beat protestors with rifle butts.

Rebel News reporter Alexa Lavoie, a thorn in Trudeau’s lizard skin, was clubbed three times by one of Trudeau’s cops and shot in the leg with a tear gas canister.

Live footage from Ottawa on Saturday showed cops with batons, gas masks, and riot gear pushing back peaceful protestors, some of whom told the cops that they love them. One woman offered to pay cops’ mortgages for a year if they put down their batons and walked away.

An angry protestor asked Trudeau’s police Stasi if they felt good about trampling an elderly woman with horses.

Some of the cops were wearing patches from the Toronto Police Department.

Truckers blared their horns as Canadian patriots yelled: “freedom” in English and “liberté” in French. Many urged the cops to join the freedom protestors.

One protestor pointed to a police officer, apparently in charge, and asked another cop, “If he tells you to shoot me, will you do it?”

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The riot police were backed up by cops with semi-automatic rifles and a large “riot truck.” And more of Trudeau’s horsey cops.

This is a good time to remember last August when a young Canadian man asked Trudeau to take a selfie and told the prime minister how he really felt about him.


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