Canada’s Princess Justin Trudeau skipped the firehoses and went straight to trampling peaceful protestors with horses, including an elderly woman with a walker. Other protestors moved in to help the two people trampled but were pushed back by police officers with batons and wearing riot gear.

Another police officer reportedly beat a trucker with the butt of a rifle.


Police, some are armed with semi-automatic rifles, have begun arresting some of the entirely peaceful protesters. Roughly 100 were arrested on Friday, many of whom had linked their arms and were singing “O Canada,” their national anthem. Some were thrown to the ground and had their hand zip-tied together behind them.

Here is the woman who was trampled by Trudeau’s stormtroopers,

Trudeau, who took a knee for Black Lives Matter, invoked the Emergencies Act a few days ago to deal with the convivial Canadians protesting against COVID-19 mandates, stating it would give the police “more tools” to deal with the demonstrators. Apparently, by “tools,” he meant horses with which to trample his own people. Trudeau spoke of the threat of violence from the large group of demonstrators, but there was none until his Stasi showed up.

Trudeau has also threatened to seize the bank accounts of people protesting in Ottawa, the nation’s capital. Cops set up roughly 100 checkpoints to keep people from joining the protestors already there.

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FACT-O-RAMA! Canada’s COVID survival rate is 98.9% of KNOWN cases. When you factor unknown cases (people who contract the Bat Soup Flu but don’t report it in any way), the survivability rate only improves.

The Ottawa Freedom Convoy protestors have been more than peaceful, they’ve been playful, setting up bounce houses for the kids and even a hot tub for adults, as well as playing hockey and BBQing.

The police-led violence comes as no surprise. Police around the world have used violence to quell protests from people tired of COVID-related oppression. Australian police were even videotaped choking one young girl and pepper-spraying another.

Editor’s note: the reference to a protester dying has been removed.

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