They thought they finally had a genuine racist, white supremacist hate crime in the Sacramento City Unified School District on Friday, and the excitement was palpable. At C.K. McClatchy High School in Lake Park, Calif., someone wrote “white” above one water fountain, and “colored” over another. Jim Crow had returned, finally, after so many years of race victimhood propagandists longing for him to come back, and Sacramento City Unified School District Superintendent Jorge Aguilar was ready with his best this-cannot-stand face as he intoned: “I am both angry and heartsick that racist graffiti was discovered on the C. K. McClatchy campus today. We take this incident very seriously. Racism and racist language will not be tolerated in our schools.”

Right! Only the inevitable fly had to land in the ointment: it turned out that the perp wasn’t a racist, redneck, MAGA-hat-wearing yahoo out of central casting, but a black female student at McClatchy getting ahead of the victimhood game. Once that came out, Aguilar and other Sacramento officials shifted gears so quickly you’d have thought they were in the Indy 500.

First, there was the usual effort to gaslight us into thinking that it’s 1953, and Bull Connor is president of the United States. Richard Owen, whom the Sacramento Bee identifies as “a concerned father of five children,” saw the water foundation graffiti as just one manifestation of a systemic problem: “There’s something about our culture in the Sacramento City school district that has to be addressed. The inequities, the performance of black kids, the racism, it has to stop.”

Berry Accius of a group called Voice of the Youth likewise gave the impression that Theodore Bilbo and George Wallace were stalking around Sacramento. “This is simply an enactment of the 1950s in 2022,” he thundered. “More hateful images and racist rhetoric. Until these schools adopt a more zero tolerance Policy on racist behavior, there will be others bold enough to attempt more racist acts.”

Yes, that’s it, Berry! It’s all because Sacramento City Unified School District tolerates racism that this sort of thing keeps happening! Accius’ remark was yet another example of how disconnected from reality these Leftist activists are, and the disconnect got even worse when it came to light on Friday that a black student had taken it upon herself to label the water fountains “white” and “colored.”

Mark Harris, a community liaison for the school district, said the student confessed, and emphasized that the confession was genuine. She also had been caught on video scrawling the graffiti. “I’ve been practicing law for 40 years,” Harris said, “people typically don’t confess to things they didn’t do, unless they’re under duress or coercion. And nobody has claimed that; not her, not her family. There is video corroborating her confession.”

Harris called for the perpetrator to be treated gently: “It was a prank that went sideways is my characterization of what the young woman said in her confession. It should be a moment for our community to come together and make sure this doesn’t destroy this person’s life.”

Gee, that’s great, but remember that if the person who wrote the graffiti had turned out to be a white male, few, if any, Sacramento officials would have hesitated for a moment to destroy his life, regardless of his state of mind, motivation, or any other possible mitigating factor.

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Aguilar changed his tone quickly, abandoning his earlier zero-tolerance rhetoric and announcing that he would work on that “healing” that Leftists value so highly when a perpetrator turns out to have been one of their own: “Sac City Unified takes any instance of racial intolerance extremely seriously because such acts harm our students and our entire community. While identification of the person involved in this incident has been addressed, we also will remain focused on supporting the healing of students and staff who have been impacted by this troubling act of vandalism.”

Betty Williams of the Greater Sacramento NAACP, however, still managed to find racism in the whole thing: “Why is it when you find something like this we find the black students quicker than we find the white students.” Well, Ms. Williams, maybe it was because she was caught on video. Williams continued: “I want you to put that same energy into West Campus. I want you to put that same energy into every school district that’s dealing with these issues. It’s a problem. We have racism that’s rooted in this school district.”

Berry Accius was unhappy as well, saying: “Because of the racism here in this school, the microaggressions here in this school, makes me feel like I do not belong. This is a problem; not only with the school but the district. And this is why we’ve been loud.”

It was predictable that a fake hate crime would lead the apostles of race hate and division not to confess that their hysteria was unfounded and destructive, but to double down and claim that racism was a big problem anyway. And one day, by golly, they’ll find a hate crime to prove it. A real one. You’ll see.

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