Two weeks ago Michael Shellenberger wrote about the “Linkage Center” which San Francisco had set up near city hall. Allegedly the area was set up to connect homeless drug users to city services but Shellenberger reported that it had become little more than a supervised site for illegal drug usage.

The city is running a supervised drug consumption site in United Nations Plaza—just blocks away from city hall and the opera house—in flagrant violation of state and federal law. (Two weeks ago, my colleagues and I broke the story. The San Francisco Chronicle confirmed our reporting.) There, city-funded service providers supervise people smoking fentanyl and meth they buy from drug dealers across the street.

The police do nothing. Indeed, the mayor, through the Department of Emergency Management and the Department of Public Health, is running the site.

The city is carrying out a bizarre medical experiment whereby addicts are given everything they need to maintain their addiction—cash, hot meals, shelter—in exchange for . . . almost nothing.

Last Friday morning, just a few blocks away, the body of a 16-year-old girl was discovered in the street.

16-year-old found dead in one of the biggest drug trafficking zones in San Francisco was identified Tuesday as a resident of Stanislaus County who was recently reported missing.

Victorria Moran-Hidalgo was identified as the girl authorities found in the South of Market area early Friday morning while responding to a possible overdose on Minna Street between Seventh and Eighth streets, according to police and the Medical Examiner’s Office…

A sidewalk memorial on Tuesday morning included a note from someone named JJ who referred to themselves as Moran-Hildago’s “street pops.”

“I love and miss you daughter,” the note read.

So it sounds like this girl may have been living on the street in an area known for drugs. The police are still investigating after the death was ruled suspicious by the medical examiner. DA Chesa Boudin reacted Sunday on Twitter, promising to hold drug dealers accountable.

But not everyone believed him. One person responded by posting a video he had filmed on the day the teen died. He described it as an open air drug market:

Another person posted this video of Boudin expressing concern for drug dealers who have been trafficked from Honduras. “We do not have the power to protect people in Honduras,” Boudin said in the clip. That’s true but isn’t your job to protect the people in San Francisco?

So Boudin’s tweet is getting ratioed which is something I guess. This weekend he also got booed during a parade. That’s him waving in the back of the red car.

Maybe the tide is starting to turn in San Francisco. As mentioned above, the vote to recall Boudin is set for June. After the successful recall of the SF School Board it doesn’t seem impossible Boudin could be next.

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