It’s clearer every day: the Left is fascist. Leftists love authoritarianism and never engage their opponents on an equal basis as respected opponents. Instead, they demonize them in the most lurid terms, to the extent that they essentially challenge all people who consider themselves to be good, upright, honest, decent citizens to disavow the evil ones or risk being tarred with them as enemies of all that is good. This has played out whenever totalitarians have come to power, and has been playing out again recently in Canada, as Justin Trudeau does away with the freedom of his citizens and arrogates to himself unchallengeable power. On Monday evening, as Canada’s parliament voted in favor of Trudeau’s unjustified and unconstitutional invocation of the Emergencies Act, one Canadian MP stooped lower than all the others in defaming and smearing those who would dare question the Emperor Justin’s authority.

Ya’ara Saks is a Canadian MP from York Centre, Ontario, and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Families, Children, and Social Development. She is, of course, a member Trudeau’s Liberal Party. During the Emergencies Act debate, she declared: “Madam Speaker, I have heard the words of my colleague on the other side of the House. As a Jewish member of Parliament and a descendant of survivors of the Holocaust as well, I, like many Canadians, was shocked to see Nazi and Confederate flags. I was dismayed, angry and horribly hurt.”

To characterize the Freedom Convoy in that way was viciously unfair, but Saks was employed a tried and tested strategy of the Left. The National Socialist and Confederate flags at the protests were widely believed to have been planted in order to discredit the truckers and their allies. Even if genuine Nazis and racists joined the protests, that doesn’t negate the fact that the overwhelming majority of the protestors were patriotic Canadians who were there because they opposed the vaccine mandates and who abhorred Nazism and racism as much as anyone else.

If Saks had been interested in an honest discussion and debate, she would have acknowledged that. But her only objective was to try to intimidate her fellow members of parliament, and all Canadians, into thinking that if they supported the Freedom Convoy, they would be allying with noxious elements that all decent people should reject. This is not genuine debate. It’s just smearing and bullying.

Perhaps anticipating the objection that vanishingly few National Socialist flags were actually seen at the Freedom Convoy protests, Saks continued: “How many Nazi flags does it take? How many donors from the U.S. Capitol riots does it take?”

You see, it’s all the same “insurrection.” Both Jan. 6 and the Freedom Convoy are being seized upon by Leftists in order to portray their legitimate opponents as traitors and to silence them accordingly, so that they can rule indefinitely.

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“It is 1,100 people and counting who have donated to these illegal blockades,” Saks cried. “How many guns need to be seized? How much vitriol like ‘honk honk,’ which is a term for ‘Heil Hitler,’ do we need to see by these protesters on social media?”

The worst part about this ludicrous claim is that no one stood up in the Canadian parliament and said: “Wait a minute. That’s insane. You’re claiming that the Freedom Convoy protestors were secretly signaling their allegiance to National Socialism by honking their truck horns. So you’re saying that people who were protesting for individual rights and freedoms and opposing the federal authoritarianism represented by the vaccine mandate are actually supporters of an authoritarian central government? Have you completely taken leave of your senses? How long are you and your colleagues going to sully this House with your incendiary and demagogic rhetoric?”

No one said it. Saks just sailed on, adding: “How many times do we have to see clear indicators that what is out there is not about the hard two years that every Canadian has suffered? This is about something much deeper, darker and uglier that is threatening the stability of the House, the work that we do as legislators each and every day for our constituents and the democracy that we have to uphold. When will it be an emergency for you and your colleagues across the floor?”

At that point she was stopped on a procedural point, as Canadian parliamentarians are supposed to address only the Speaker, not each other. But Saks was right: there is something darker and uglier that is threatening the stability of the Canadian parliament. What she doesn’t realize, however, is that she herself represents it.

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