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Today on Questions For Corbett, Thomas writes in to ask James about the unfolding events in Ukraine. James gives his answer as things stood at 10 AM JST on February 23, 2022.

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Examples of James discussing Putin and Russia’s role in the NWO:

#1 – Interview 1430 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

#2 – Interview 1614 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

#3 – Episode 290 – The Enemy of My Enemy

#4 – Episode 369 – Globalization is Dead. Long Live the New World Order!

#5 – Interview 1694 – Declare Your Independence from Mass Formation Psychosis

What I Learned From the “PropOrNot” Propaganda List

PropOrNot unmasked in 2018

InterepreterMag was a media partner of The Atlantic Council in 2017

Putin Signs Decree Recognizing Donbas Republics

Russia Can Build Military Bases in Donbas Under New Treaty

Putin Deploys Troops to Donbas Republics as Peacekeepers

Zelensky says no war (but if war, then martial law)

Biden Announces Sanctions on Russian Banks, Debt, ‘Elites’

The Steep Cost of Sanctions for Europe and Russia

Germany Suspends Nord Stream 2 Pipeline After Putin Orders Troops to Donbas

Medvedev: ‘The EU Will Soon Pay Double for Gas’

President Biden Orders More US Troops to the Baltics

Ukraine/DPR+LPR: Death of the Minsk Agreements and the Onset of Many a Speech

Koch and Soros Team Up For World Peace! WTF?

Interview 1519 – Daniel McAdams on the Koch-Soros Quincy Institute Interventionists)

Putin’s move on Donetsk, Lugansk is illegal but falls short of new ‘invasion’

Documents Reveal US Gov’t Spent $22M Promoting Anti-Russia Narrative in Ukraine and Abroad

Foreign Intervention and the Ukraine Crisis

How Many Neo-Nazis Is the U.S. Backing in Ukraine?

Azov batallion propaganda broadcast by NBC News

Ukrainian Lobbyists Flood US Think Tanks

Der Spiegel story about NATO’s broken promise to Russia

National Security Archives had the storyfour years ago

Interview 1701 – Resistance and the Future on Revelations Radio News

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