So take a good look at what is going on in Ukraine. Take a real good look at the video below.

This is what you get when the “adults are back in charge.”

This is what you get when you shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline.

This is what you get when you roll back oil and natural gas production and make us dependent on foreign energy.

This what you get when you leave Americans and allies behind as you stumble your way out of Afghanistan like a dyspeptic Boy Scout leader who can’t read a compass and has lost his car keys.

This is what you get when you focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

This is what you get when you bend a knee to China.

This is what you get when you become fascinated with gender and genitalia.

This is what you get when you are so narcissistic that you think every dissenting opinion is prelude to an insurrection.

Oh, and you also get this.

But no need to worry. The same commander in chief who brought us Afghanistan and inflation is on the job. You could tell from his catastrophic presser on Thursday that he has everything under control. Between the incoherent responses and his fumbling for his notes to remind himself which reporters were safe to call on, I wanted to throw up. I suppose I should have expected classic Biden for the most important speech of his administration, especially when it started a little over an hour late. I guess at a turning point in word history, I expected at least a half-hearted attempt at statesmanship. That will teach me. Even the reporters were getting fed up with him in places.

And one of his fellow dinosaurs, John Kerry, made an appearance on BBC to groan about his hopes that Putin would keep doing his part to fight climate change. Climate change. As if Russia or China gives a rat’s fat fandango about the climate. Of course, when Biden took office he declined to sanction the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline since it was “almost completely finished.”

In an effort to shake the proverbial yesterday’s Alpo off his shoes, Biden tried to walk it back Wednesday before the carnage really ramped up with a rather tepid announcement:

“As I said when I met with Chancellor Scholz earlier this month, Germany has been a leader in that effort, and we have closely coordinated our efforts to stop the Nord Stream 2 pipeline if Russia further invaded Ukraine….Through his actions, President Putin has provided the world with an overwhelming incentive to move away from Russian gas and to other forms of energy. I want to thank Chancellor Scholz for his close partnership and continued dedication to holding Russia accountable for its actions.”

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Nice try.

For those of you who voted for this administration, watch it again.

This is what you get. You conflate the world you want with the world that exists. You think that you have secured your place on Martha’s Vineyard where you can sniff at the MAGA crowd while sipping Chardonnay. You think you have earned a sufficient amount of social credit by forcing the great unwashed to do the things and live the life you have the luxury to avoid. I have news for you: There is not much room on the Vineyard, and chances are good that you are not on the guest list. But you may be in danger of finding your place in the Ninth Circle of Hell.

But we don’t have to put up with mean tweets or that Queens accent, right? Well done, progressives.

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