Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, spoke at CPAC Thursday afternoon and revealed what he believes the Republican Party needs to win even more than elections, and how they can do that.

“We must demand from our leaders clear priorities of what actually matters. So we have a choice: We could be the Republican Party … where we do nothing but talk about corporate tax cuts for the richest people. We just talk about stopping socialism, and the conversation ends there. We can talk about how we need to go send our beautiful and amazing armed service members to countries that have no relevancy to our immediate future,” Kirk said. “Or, here’s the amazing thing: if our conservative leaders learn something from our wonderful 45th President of the United States and actually decide to not just talk about but deliver … very common sense things, … how about this? The Republicans should say what happened in Canada — what Justin Trudeau did against those Canadian truckers — is a moral outrage and a human rights abuse.”

“I want to win,” Kirk continued. “I don’t want to win elections. That’s fine. That’s a small thing — elections come and go. I want to win the civilization.”

Kirk elaborated. “I want to live in a country that is free. I want to live in a country that I recognize. I want our leaders to care more about you and our fellow countrymen and our fellow citizens than some sort of abstract idea or some sort of undefined GDP number. The conservative movement is trending towards a movement that will represent 60, 70, 80% of voters of all backgrounds and all colors. It’s going to require our leaders — and you — to make sure they do it. The citizen is rising, everybody, and the regime is falling. We’re gonna win.”

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Kirk made an excellent point — the GOP has to do more than campaign on abstract ideas. They need to focus on the issues that matter to people and affect their everyday lives. As conservatives, we certainly fear the threat of socialism overtaking our country because of the radical left. But we’ll grow our movement by speaking about the issues that matter, and as Donald Trump did, delivering on them.

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