In 2016, one thing that primary candidate Carly Fiorina said rang painfully true after eight years of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy. Multiple times during discussions of foreign policy, she said, “When America fails to lead the world becomes a much more dangerous and tragic place.” In a world with an emboldened Iran, a rising China, and where ISIS had a caliphate, her point was well taken and accurate. Today, Nigel Farage spoke at CPAC and delivered a similar message.

Sadly, under Barack Obama’s vice president, Joe Biden, the situation is more similar to the one Fiorina described than it was from Jan. 2017 through Jan. 2021. The Biden administration has gone soft on expectations for our NATO allies and is allowing Germany to become dependent on Russia for energy, and we have yet to realize the full repercussions from the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. This week, Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, and it appears he intends to depose the current government and replace it with one more friendly to Russia.

Farage added history, color, and urgency to the current situation from a European perspective. He also offered a frank assessment of the considerations for America. Farage openly acknowledged America’s sacrifices in World War I and II to extract Europe from tyranny. “The fact is if America hadn’t done those things, Europe would have been for the last 75 years, and we owe America a massive, massive debt for our freedom and our liberty. Not that you’ll ever hear that from a French politician,” Farage chided.

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In the context of that shared history, the man behind Brexit acknowledged that his subsequent remarks might sound unfair. Farage said he believed that Putin ascribed to the beliefs of a Russian nationalist and that his goal was to reabsorb the Russian-speaking parts of Ukraine back into Russia. Now, he is not so sure.

“I always thought we were dealing with someone who was very logical. But I now begin to wonder if he is. But of course, he’s had nothing to fear, has he? The worst American president in the history of this nation. No question. I am not allowed to say ‘Let’s go Brandon’ because it is too rude, so let’s go Brandon.”

“I am in no doubt that if Donald Trump had still been president, that invasion of Ukraine would not have happened. I’m in no doubt about that. But it has happened. And if something’s gone wrong with Putin, if he’s lost logic and reason, it’s not impossible to think he’ll want to go back to the days of Catherine the Great and the czarist empire.”

If Putin’s territorial goals expanded, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia would be under threat. Farage asserted that Putin is also probing NATO. The fissures in the Western alliance became apparent in the Afghanistan withdrawal when the U.S. left unilaterally. The Biden administration did not even consult with the NATO allies who had followed us into the theater.

“We’re asking ourselves a question. Do Americans still want to be the leaders of the Western world? Because if they’re not, we have a problem,” Farage stated. “The truth of it is, and this is unfair on American taxpayers and American people, but it’s a fact. The truth of it is without America, NATO is a waste of space. Without America, Putin can do what the hell he wants and we don’t have the strength to stop him.”

Farage urged a public debate in the U.S. about whether we wish to continue leading NATO. He suggested if we want to lead, our national leaders must send the message that he can go no further unequivocally to Putin. Farage believes if it is not, Putin will continue his western push. While he acknowledged expanding the European Union and NATO after the fall of the Berlin Wall violated prior agreements, Farage also noted a much bigger enemy is watching Putin’s bold and dangerous progress.

Farage credits Donald Trump with waking up the Western world to the real threats posed by China and says the CCP is watching. He added that Chinese state media has been broadcasting that Taiwan is part of China this week. Many observed the CCP was waiting for the Olympics to end to move on the island nation. Chinese state media is signaling they could be correct. If China takes Taiwan, Farage notes how it could change modern life as we know it.

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The semiconductors and chips we rely on are manufactured primarily in Taiwan. If China moves against a weak West led by a weak American president, the consequences will be disastrous for the world. “So, however you feel sitting here right now, however uncomfortable you feel, about this burden of responsibility that is on America’s shoulders, you can see if we don’t act and don’t get this right, it will have catastrophic consequences,” Farge warned.

Then he moved to the enemies within. Our universities, corporations, and other institutions are all turning us against each other while we face pressing external threats. Farage congratulated regular Americans for fighting in local and school board elections. “But if we’re going to make the world a better place. If we are going to keep our history, our heritage, and our culture. If we’re going to defend Western Civilization, this is the battleground. It’s America. Because if America falls, the whole of the free world will fall.”

Do we have the moral certainty and commitment to shoulder that burden as a nation? Do enough people born after 1990 even understand why it matters? These are all questions America must confront sooner rather than later.

WATCH Nigel Farage’s full comments:

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