On Thursday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) delivered an impassioned philosophic speech to a fired-up CPAC crowd in Orlando, Fla. While castigating the politics of fear, the dangers of big government, and the woke mob, Cruz posited that “the fundamental conflict” in America today “is a battle between power and liberty.”

We find ourselves at an existential moment for our nation. The threats in our country have never been greater…What is this battle all about? What are we fighting about in this nation? And I’m going to suggest the fundamental conflict that is playing out across this great nation is a battle between power and liberty; the two are in fundamental conflict. We are seeing it every day:  vaccine mandates vs. doctors and nurses, mask mandates vs. kids in school, Spotify vs. Joe Rogan, GoFundMe vs. Canadian truckers, Justin Trudeau vs. and the god-fearing Canadian truckers, The New York Times vs. Bari Weiss, Levi’s vs. Jennifer Sey, AOC vs. damn-near anyone who ever dared to criticize her.

“This is not a battle between the weak and the strong,” said Cruz. “Joe Rogan is many things, but he ain’t weak. Major League Baseball went after the voters of Georgia. The Georgia voters are many things, but they ain’t weak. The Biden Department of Justice when they went after parents. Parents are many things, but they ain’t weak.”

According to Cruz, “what is playing out is the powerful are afraid.” They are terrified of those of us on the right. “They look out at the men and women [at CPAC] and you scare the living crap out of them.” The left is being driven by a fear of truth and liberty. For the right, it comes down to the principle of “Big is bad: Big government sucks. Big business sucks. Big Tech, Big Hollywood, Big universities” suck. Basically, “any accumulation of power that is centralized is fundamentally dangerous for individual liberty.”

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Just like Communists, the left wants centralized power, so “how do we ensure freedom,” then? Thankfully over two hundred years ago James Madison told us how in Federalist 10 when he wrote about factions or special interests. Madison said if factions are able to seize control of the government they will strip away our freedom.

That’s “one of the reasons I’m so bullish on crypto, on bitcoin is because it’s decentralized and not controllable,” said Cruz. As an example, he related the story of Justin Trudeau trying to seize the assets of the Canadian truck protestors. When the courts tried to seize the crypto that had been given to the truckers, Bitcoin wallet pushed back in spectacular fashion: “Dear Ontario Superior Court of Justice,” their letter read. “Our software is free. We do not collect any user identification information beyond email addresses. We also do not hold any keys, therefore we cannot freeze our users’ accounts. We cannot prevent them from being moved. We do not have the knowledge of ‘the existence nature, value, and location of our user’s assets. This is by design. Please look up how self-custody and private keys work. When the Canadian dollar becomes worthless, we will be here to serve you too.”

That’s the way to do it. Don’t ever apologize to the left and use your voice. Interestingly, China has banned crypto because they can’t control it. Do we really think the American left won’t try to ban or regulate it to death too in an effort to control the right? They may try; however, I don’t think they’ll get very far as long as the right continues to fight.

“Change is coming. It is powerful,” Cruz ended his speech. “You want to know how powerful? Find one person on planet earth who doesn’t know what ‘Let’s go, Brandon’ means.” In Jan. 2023, a red wave is coming. “We are taking our country back, we are standing up to power, we are defending liberty, we are defending the Constitution, we are defending the Bill of Rights, and together we will save this great nation!”

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