Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) went big at CPAC this week, torching the Biden Administration for shutting down domestic energy sources while previously green-lighting Russian energy production initiatives like Nord Stream 2. Watch above. Excerpts below.

“You talk about weakness on the part of Joe Biden: he comes to office and what does he do? He shuts down American energy production and green-lights Russian energy production,” Hawley said.

“Is it any wonder that Vladimir Putin feels emboldened to do whatever the heck it is he wants to do?” Hawley said. “Is it any wonder that China feels emboldened to do whatever it is the heck that they want to do?”

“I’ve got a suggestion for Joe Biden tonight,” Hawley said. “I just suggest, Mr. President, have some confidence in the American people. Show some strength to the world. Open up American energy production full throttle.”

“Open it up right now,” Hawley said, adding that American workers in the fossil fuel industry are the “backbone of the American economy.”

“It is time to allow the good strong American worker to go out there and start drilling for oil,  start exploring for natural gas to start fracking again,” Hawley said.

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