Good day, West Coast, Messed Coast™ readers. We bring you news of the length to which our betters in government will greedily grab your hard-won tax money and blow torch it.

This is what Los Angeles City “leaders” did with your $1.2 billion to get “homeless” (addicts) off the street.

Now it’s not as if I never told you about this homeless program in Los Angeles. I did. But when I reported Proposition HHH in 2020, those condos built with the generous taxpayer largesse were “only” expected to cost $600-to-$700 thousand dollars per unit. That’s one guy per unit.

I reported at the time on the pages of PJ Media that at that time “homeless advocates” claimed the effort wasn’t good enough even though the buildings featuring the $700,000 condos sported fitness centers, nearby public transit, and walkability in one of the trendiest sections of town.

Government regulation, stupidity, supply-chain issues, misplaced empathy, using government as a charity, and taxpayer cluelessness have conspired to make that number even higher.

The bill for 1,200 condos has come due. Los Angeles City leaders can’t hide anymore. And you’ll want to sit down for this. Sadly, West Coast, Messed Coast readers, I must report to you that the latest condos built by LA for addicts on the street are going for $837,000.00.

Now they may mainline their meth, heroin, and fentanyl inside the walls of a luxury condo. 

That’s more than most LA residents can afford for their homes.

That’s bad enough, but now the bean counter overseeing this robbery, city controller Ron Galperin, says they spent $1.2 million and the number of units that pile of money built is “wholly inadequate.” That’s quite a change in tune from his 2020 comments which I dutifully reported. Then, Galperin called the $700,000 price tags for the first tranche of condos “utterly unacceptable.” Indeed, he called for a “fundamental course correction” in the program. We guess the chief bean counter had a change of heart. Now only 1,200 $837,000 condos are “wholly inadequate.”

We did some quick math and found that to house all the addicts in fentanyl flats it will cost just shy of $35 billion — in today’s dollars. Who knows what Bidenflation will do to the cost of money going forward? There are still cargo ships waiting to drop their loads off the coast.

But you’re not doing enough, LA. This effort is “wholly inadequate.” Give more. The grift must go on!

In Seattle, you’ll need to sidestep the free needles, crack pipes, and bump kits the “harm reduction” factotums hand out to get a look at the only $400,000-ish condos for addicts. They also have a  Puget Sound view.

And not to be left out, Portland’s ten years to end homelessness, which I believe is in year 15 now, has worked so well that a once-beautiful park I used to play in, Laurelhurst Park, has been overrun with bums. These photos were sent by concerned Laurelhurst neighbors. I use them with permission.

Courtesy of Laurelhurst Park neighbors
Courtesy of Laurelhurst Park neighbors

The glorious park, designed with Central Park in New York City in mind, has been destroyed. The sanctity and safety of the park where we used to run through the leaves and play football is no longer safe for kids to play in.

Portland tries so hard to keep up that we’re sure $837,000 condos can’t be far behind.

That’s your West Coast, Messed Coast ™ update.

Until next time, get back to work. Homeless drug addicts are depending on you.

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