A new CNN poll conducted Friday and Saturday showed that Americans support Old Joe Biden’s sanctions against Russia, despite the fact that they haven’t made any significant dent in Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. But this hasn’t led Americans to warm up to Biden’s faux presidency at all: as in all polls, Joe’s approval numbers are abysmal.

CNN reported Monday that support for the sanctions was decisive: “Eighty-three percent of Americans said they favored increased economic sanctions against Russia in response to the invasion, with just 17% opposed.” It would have been refreshing if CNN had asked those whom it polled whether they were aware that the Biden administration repeatedly stated that the sanctions would be a deterrent to Putin, and then when Putin invaded Ukraine anyway, turned on a dime and began insisting that the sanctions were never meant to be a deterrent. But no such luck.

Support was also strong for the idea that the United States should take further action against Russia: “A smaller majority, 62%, also wanted to see the US do more to stop Russian military action in Ukraine, with 38% saying the country has already done enough.” This did not, however, include sending in troops: “[The] public is opposed to direct military action by the US: Only 42% were in favor of such a move should sanctions fail to work, with 58% opposed.” Strikingly, however, “Among those who said the US should do more to stop Russia’s military incursion, … 58% were in favor of the use of military action if sanctions failed.”

Here again, it would have been helpful if CNN had bothered to ask those who were in favor of U.S. military action in Ukraine what they thought of the anomaly of going to war — indeed, what could easily become World War III — in order to protect a foreign nation’s borders — those of a corrupt kleptocracy at that — while Biden’s handlers have rendered our own Southern border essentially a fiction. But again, no such luck.

Big surprise here: this support for Biden’s sanctions did not translate into support for Dementia Joe himself: “Just 42% said they trust Biden at least moderately to make the right decisions regarding the situation in Ukraine, about on par with his overall approval rating in recent polling.” Well, of course. For one thing, the man just lied to us about the purpose of the sanctions. For another, he has been lying to us more or less constantly since he became president, and before that as well. Inflation is through the roof, America’s global power and prestige are at their lowest ebb since before World War II, the Southern border is a free-for-all for all the criminals and terrorists who want to make the trip, and woke madness has permeated the highest levels of the government and military. What’s amazing is that as many as 42% of Americans still think Joe will make the right decisions regarding Ukraine. Do they even know that he isn’t making the decisions at all?

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The number of those who trust Old Joe is inflated because of the Democrats who still don’t want to admit to themselves that the ship is sinking: “These results, like most of Biden’s numbers, are deeply polarized, with 84% of Democrats but just 9% of Republicans saying they trust his decision-making at least moderately.” Nine percent of Republicans? Do Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger really make up 9%?

In yet another superficial aspect of the survey, “most Americans (71%) said the US should consider the impact on gas prices when deciding its policies toward Russia, although only about one-third (34%) said it should serve as a major factor. There is a partisan gap here, with 45% of Republicans versus about 3 in 10 Democrats (28%) and independents (30%) saying it should be a major factor.” Predictably, however, CNN did not ask about the anomaly of America being dependent upon Russian oil after Biden ordered the closing of the Keystone Pipeline and thus administered the coup de grace to the energy independence we had achieved during the Trump years.

In any case, if Biden’s handlers were hoping that the Ukraine conflict would take the attention of the American people off Biden’s disastrous administration and unify the country in a war frenzy behind Old Joe, they’ve been proven wrong again. Have they ever, incidentally, been right about anything?

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