As you may have noticed, lefty politicians, prosecutors, and judges believe sending violent criminals to jail is just cruel. Bail laws have been scrapped nationwide, allowing dangerous habitual criminals to commit crimes, spend a few hours in the pokey (if they’re caught) and be back on the streets by rush hour to assault more people.

The left squawks a good deal about ending school shootings, but Timothy Simpkins spent less than 24 hours in jail after perforating two students and a teacher.

New York libs are pushing the “Dignity Not Detention Act” in an effort to keep illegal immigrants out of jail.

Also in New York, despite 44 prior arrests, a deranged thug was free to attack a woman, smearing her head, mouth, nose, and eyes with his own feces.

What does it take to STAY locked up in this country? A quick walk through the open doors of the U.S. Capitol.

We all know that some of the peaceful protesters who took a stroll through the Capitol, stopping long enough to give Capitol police insurrectiony fist-bumps and take rebellious selfies, are being held without due process. Some of those who have taken plea deals are spending years in a federal lockup.

Jan. 6 buffalo horn guy Jacob Chansley got 41 months for his famous tour of The People’s Nancy Pelosi’s House. Part of his crime was carrying a flag pole that had a “spear tip,” thus making it “dangerous.”

FACT-O-RAMA! A single man cannot topple the U.S. government with a caveman weapon.

Chansley screwed up. If he had any brains he would have befriended Hunter Biden, partnered with him, and tried to defraud a Native American group to the tune of $60 million, just like Devon Archer. Archer will only spend one year in prison.

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Another protestor, Adam Johnson, who purloined Pelosi’s lectern, plead guilty to a single charge of “entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds.” Johnson was given 75 days in the hoosegow, 200 hours of community service, and a $5,000 fine. The judge handed the protestor the ridiculous sentence because Ukraine. Seriously.

“That’s what we see in countries, like what we’re experiencing now in Ukraine. That’s where we’re headed if we don’t do anything to stop it,” U.S. District Judge Reggie Judge Walton told the courtroom.

Judge Walton should invest in basic cable, watch the news, and keep up with the realities of the world. Stealing the queen of the lizard people’s podium has NOTHING to do with Ukraine.

FACT-O-RAMA! Swiping Pelosi’s lectern will not, cannot, lead to a Russian invasion of the United States.

Some J6 defendants are trying to get their court dates moved to other locations, claiming bias in the Washington, D.C. courts. Good luck. Biden’s cronies are keeping those traitorous flag-wavers close to home and coming down hard on them.

This brings us to J6 protestor Matthew Perna. Prosecutors were looking to send Perna to federal prison for 51 months for his peaceful 20-minute, between-the-velvet-ropes tour of the Capitol. The feds claim he tapped on a window with a metal pole but didn’t break it. The extreme sentence was said to be “domestic terrorism deterrence.”

Perna had had enough of the lib rage he was experiencing in his hometown of Sharon, Pa. He couldn’t fathom spending 51+ months in prison for peacefully protesting. He killed himself last week.

Perna’s obituary read, “He didn’t break, touch, or steal anything. He did not harm anyone, as he stayed within the velvet ropes taking pictures. For this act, he has been persecuted by many members of his community, friends, relatives, and people who had never met him.”

FACT-O-RAMA! The FBI admitted in August of 2021 there was NO insurrection on Jan. 6.

The lefty mob loves this. They want all of us dead. The liberal Pennsylvania ass-goblins who raged against Perna are probably toasting his death at a bowling alley bar as you read this.

The left averts their eyes to watch CNN while a certain group of people shoplifts stores out of business in blue cities across the nation. Violent criminals laughingly skate out of jail to commit more felonies, typically against people of color (especially Asians). To the left, that’s okay.

But those patriots taking selfies, they have to go.

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