The arrogance of some politicians never ceases to amaze. Take Stacey Abrams, for example. She lost the governor’s race in Georgia in 2018, yet she refused to concede. She has also continued to milk the grievance of her loss to score political points, claiming the mantle of speaking for “election reform,” which we all know is code for allowing Democrats to cheat and entrench their power for the foreseeable future.

Abrams has also used her pet cause to fundraise and garner attention in her rematch with Gov. Brian Kemp, but polling continues to show that she has an uphill battle on her hands.

Abrams is making the rounds on news networks and late-night talk shows, and she appeared on The Daily Show Wednesday night (Oh, you didn’t watch it? Neither did I.) and made a bold claim to host Trevor Noah.

“We are a stronger nation when we allow people to participate,” Abrams stated. “And if we ever doubted that, the war that Putin is waging against Ukraine, President Zelenskyy said — I’m going to paraphrase him probably poorly — he said this isn’t a war on Ukraine, this is a war on democracy in Ukraine.”

“When we allow democracy to be overtaken by those who want to choose who can be heard and those choices are not based on anything other than animus or inconvenience, that is wrong,” she continued.

Yes, she went there. Maybe Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s use of the left-wing dog whistle “war on democracy” confused Abrams. She must think that Putin is invading Ukraine to ensure voter integrity. Maybe she thinks that Zelenksyy is worried about the need for unsecured ballot dropboxes or the lack of ballot harvesting going on in Ukraine.

Bombs are going off in Ukraine — including vicious thermobaric weapons. People are dying, and property is being destroyed. Ordinary citizens are taking up arms alongside troops to fend off armed invaders.

But it’s just like requiring voters to have an ID to cast a vote and ensuring that Democrats can’t cheat. Missiles and invasions vs. security and integrity measures for elections. It’s a hell of an equivocation, isn’t it?

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Earlier this week, Abrams took some heat for continuing to refuse to concede her 2018 loss yet criticizing former President Donald Trump and others who have questioned the results of the 2020 presidential election.

“I don’t ever want us to be in a place as Americans where we cannot legitimately question and critique systems and try to make them better,” Abrams told Axios.

In the same interview, she said, “What Trump has done is invalidate systems because he didn’t like the personal effect.”

What has her pouting over her electoral loss for the last three-plus years been? Abrams has been carrying most of the same grievances as Trump; they’re just handling it with different temperaments. It takes a ton of nerve for Stacey Abrams to call Donald Trump a sore loser when she has built a career and a second campaign for governor on being upset about losing.

Abrams ought to pay some heed to Jesus’ command to “take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

Here’s the thing: she doesn’t realize how melodramatic it sounds to compare her pet issue, which is built on the flimsiest of premises, to the legitimate and deadly problem of Russia invading Ukraine. Her hubris and self-absorption continue to be on full display, and the left will continue to stoke those flames.

But at the end of the day, here’s what’s true: Stacey Abrams lost the governor’s race in 2018, and she’ll lose again in 2022, giving her even more ammunition for complaining, fundraising, appearing on television, and making herself the center of attention in general.

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