Democrats are looking to make Ukraine a wedge issue in order to keep control of Congress and get a leg up on the 2024 presidential race.

That’s what the attempt to smear the entire Republican Party with the stink of being pro-Putin apologists is about.

Every major elected Republican official has come out squarely opposed to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Many Republicans were urging Joe Biden to apply sanctions against Russia even before the invasion. But Democrats and their allies in the media have taken some ignorant comments from Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham and have tried to paint the entire GOP as supporting Putin and his war of aggression.

Ever helpful in the left-wing propaganda department, Saturday Night Live got the ball rolling.

USA Today:

The cold open featured a Fox News special titled “Ukrainian Invasion Celebration Spectacular” with hosts Laura Ingraham (Kate McKinnon) and Tucker Carlson  (Alex Moffat). The Fox News anchors kicked off the show by attempting to apologize for calling the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy “pathetic” and reducing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a “border dispute” respectively by hosting a fundraiser for the real victims: the Russian oligarchs.

But there is a case to be made for caution in going too far to show how anti-Putin one can be. John Nolte writes of the “moral panic” generated against Putin that could lead to war.


The GOP is on the cusp of not just a red wave, but a generational political realignment, and this is when we start flirting with the 100 percent failure rate of neoconism?

When the Biden White House sounds more sensible than some in our party and some of our most popular talking heads… That’s scary.

We can all see it… The most dangerous thing imaginable is already here… A moral panic where everyone tries to prove their anti-Putin purity through more and more extremism until America is once again killing hundreds of thousands of civilians in a war we’re eventually going to lose anyway. And it’s all being ginned up by a D.C. War Machine that can never get rich enough and a corporate media that put ratings above human life.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) tweeting about the Russian military pulling a von Stauffenberg and assassinating Putin and soon-to-be-retired Adam Kinzinger suggesting a “no fly zone” are just two of the more obvious examples of this “moral panic.”

Dear Lindsey: Forget about the nukes. What about the power vacuum? Have you thought about the power vacuum if Russia finds its Brutus? You see, I remember the last power vacuum America had a hand in creating in a little place called Libya, and I also remember that the results were beyond devastating. The rise of ISIS was the least of it. First off, the Bush 43 administration promised Libyan President Muammar Qaddafi that we would not overthrow him if he gave up his nukes. Then Barry and Hillary helped overthrow him, so Good job, America. But Libya was the cork that kept non-European migrants and refugees out of Europe. The fall of Qaddafi flooded Europe with refugees, and now, Europe is a generation or two away from being conquered within without anyone firing a shot.

As far as Kinzinger, a no-fly zone is an act of actual war — not a cold war of sanctions and weapons shipments — but a hot war where America shoots down Russian jets. A no-fly zone means America starts/launches/initiates a hot war against a country with thousands of nukes.

Politically, though, good heavens!

Exactly. Calling for actions that would draw us into a war with a nuclear-armed nation is irresponsible madness. And voters are not going to forget come November which party was pushing war with a nuclear power.

Gas prices, inflation, Biden’s oatmeal brain, Critical Race Theory, teaching gay porn in schools, the invasion over our southern border, and all the rest are vitally important, but not as important as staying out of another stupid godd**mned war we cannot win.

To that, I say “Amen and Hallelujah.”

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