President of Russia and suspected war criminal Vladimir Putin still has a Twitter account. That’s right, Mad Vlad is still sharing on social. Despite currently trying to kill a whole nation of people, he has 1.6 million followers —pretty good for a stone-cold killer.

“Trump did not order the killing of innocent civilians or an invasion of Canada or Mexico. The leaders of Twitter just did not agree with his speech,” James Hutton at the Boston Herald writes. “Twitter has not taken a similar approach toward Russia’s leader even as that nation, while aggressively attacking Ukraine, feeds a steady dose of propaganda about Ukraine on its various Twitter accounts.”

“The big tech company is apparently not offended by a tyrant who has started an aggressive war based simply on his megalomania.”

The President of Russia’s last tweet was just a few days ago:

“The Russian flag has been hoisted on the Marshal Rokossovsky ferry. It is the first Russia Arc4 ice class dual-fueled ferry,” the tweet reads.

Rep. Lauren Boebert took a moment to share this absurd-but-true news on Twitter:

“In case you were wondering, Putin still has a Twitter account.”

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