Political correctness bites in every direction.

After a whopping six months on the job, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Police Chief Larry Scirotto, the city’s first openly gay chief, has been canned for discrimination.

Scirotto was sworn in as chief of police in the middle of August 2021. By November, the city had hired a law firm to look into allegations Scirotto was favoring “non-white” officers when it came time for hirings and promotions.

Scirotto, who is of mixed race, allegedly looked at a wall of photographs of Ft. Lauderdale Police Dept. (FLPD) command staff and declared, “that wall is too white” and, “I’m going to change that.”

“The bottom row [of photographs], it was consisting of a majority of white men and a white woman, and the statement was, ‘How do I convince our community that we are a diverse community when this is what they will see, and we speak about diversity and inclusion,’” Scirotto stated.

FACT-O-RAMA! Martin Luther King, Jr. called for racial equality, not revenge.

The investigation found that, when Scirotto was asked about which officer to promote at one point, he replied, “Which one is blacker?” He denies the allegation.

Scirotto promoted 15 cops in his six-month tenure as police chief, six of whom were gender or ethnic minorities.

“Those minority groups are now being treated as if they were less than deserving, and that’s not the case, and it never was,” Scirotto told Miami News 7.

City manager Chris Lagerbloom sent Scirotto packing after reading the 18-page investigation into Scirotto’s allegedly unfair, anti-white hiring and promoting practices.

“We strive to be diverse in our organization. We strive to represent the community that we serve. There’s [sic] just certain lawful ways to allow that diversity to happen,” Lagerbloom stated to Miami News 7, “and in this case, the investigative report indicated we didn’t quite follow the law in how we were working towards those diverse positions.”

The legal trouble started in October 2021 when two white police officers complained that they were passed over for promotion because of their skin color.

Scirotto was the fifth FLPD chief since 2020.

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