We’ve seen a lot of people try to “help” the Ukrainians, and New York’s cultural elites are feeling a bit hawkish, calling on the Biden administration to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine. This, of course, would lead to American jets shooting down Russian fighters, which would bring the United States directly into the conflict with Russia. Still, even the “give peace a chance” crowd is getting restless, and some New York-based artists made their own no-fly zone by launching paper planes down the Guggenheim Museum.

The Facebook post from which this video was taken reads:


We, New York based artists and cultural workers are calling for a NO FLY ZONE OVER UKRAINE and for the end of Russia’s war on Ukraine. We want to bring attention to the Russian targeting of nuclear power plants and are calling for the prevention of a world wide nuclear and humanitarian catastrophe!

So they got together and flew a bunch of paper airplanes in a museum.

Will this move the barometer on a U.S.-led no-fly zone? We’ll see.


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