Sure we will. After all, Joe Biden’s negotiating it, right? At the same time that the US has isolated Russia on almost every economic front except energy, Biden’s outsourcing his Iran-deal negotiations to Vladimir Putin’s toady Mikhail Ulyanov. And what interests are Ulyanov pursuing? Let’s let Ulyanov explain that to us, in English (via Guy Benson):

“Iran got much more than it could expect. Much more … Our Chinese friends were also very efficient and useful as co-negotiators.”

According to the State Department, this is actually good news. Over the weekend, their spokesperson insisted that Russia’s main concern was in keeping the mullahs from getting nuclear weapons:

Is that the case, though? Neither Russia nor China did much to contain North Korea when it mattered, after all. That was mainly under Vladimir Putin too, who watched as the US and UN flailed over sanctions and invested considerable military investments into countering the threat from Pyongyang. Now they’re calculating their guidance over Biden’s desperation to re-enter the JCPOA against their own interests and Iran’s.

How is that good news for the US?

And better yet, why are we outsourcing our national security to Putin’s regime, which has not just demonstrated hostility toward the US and launched an invasion against Europeans in Ukraine?

According to former State Department official Gabriel Noronha, that outsourcing might result in an announced deal as soon as today. Even worse, Biden’s out of touch with the negotiations and just letting Robert Malley run the US side:

“I cannot say more than what I have already said, but we are talking about people who are experts on the details of the accord,” he told Israel Hayom.

Last week, Noronha tweeted concerning details about the agreement with Iran – and he believes that the agreement may be signed as early as “today,” Monday, March 7.

“They are very concerned about what is about to be signed,” he warned. “This is very dangerous and the American Congress will not have an opportunity to go over it and do something about it. This is very dangerous to the US’ national security and to regional security, and it is a great gesture to the Iranian regime.” …

When asked why Biden is insisting on a deal, Noronha said he “does not think Biden is managing the negotiations. He is concentrating on China, Russia, and internal matters. I do not think he is paying a lot of attention, but has delegated authority to Secretary [of State Antony] Blinken and Malley. I don’t think he is making decisions, I think Malley is making them.”

Noronha has been raising the alarm for days now about the capitulation that Malley is crafting to Iran — and Russia and China, too. Ulyanov appears to have corroborated Noronha’s worst fears, openly and as a brag. If Biden falls into that trap, Russia will have plenty of room to boast … almost as much room as Iran will have to pursue both the profits from record-high oil profits and their nuclear-weapons program.

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