According to a source close to the process (look how professional and fancy we sound writing that), Biden was not too hip on the bipartisan bill meant to ban Russian oil. In fact, reading this thread from Jacqui Heinrich, it sounds like he ‘stalled it’.

Take a look:

Now, why oh why would Biden do that? You’d think if they put up a bipartisan bill he’d want to be on board what with his push for unity and stuff.

Keep going.

The president himself intervened to stop it.

Again, why?

Did we say wow yet?


Because WOW.

Pelosi told them to stick it.

Just putting it in Twitchy-terms.


What. The. Hell?

Interesting to see this … the idea of friction between Congress and the White House when Democrats ‘control’ both.

So what changed Biden’s mind? Why did the White House ‘roll’ bipartisan efforts?

Something strange is afoot at the Circle K.



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