This Morning Consult/Politico poll has Joe Biden at 45% approval, 51% disapproval, with a plurality of 39% strongly disapproving. That is pretty typical of recent polling. What is interesting is how respondents answered the other questions about Biden.

When asked whether they agree with the statement that Biden is a weak leader, 54% said yes and 39% said no. That means that a fair number of people claim to approve of Biden’s job performance even though they think he is weak.

When asked whether they agree that Biden is energetic, 37% said yes–they were lying–and 54% said no. Again, quite a few people who acknowledge that Biden lacks energy also say they approve of his performance.

Is Joe Biden stable? 46% said yes, while 46% said no.

Is Joe Biden mentally fit? 45% said yes, 46% said no. So it seems the bar, for Democrats, is that if Biden is “mentally fit,” they are satisfied.

How about this one: Is Joe Biden capable of leading the country? 44% said yes, 49% said no.

So it seems that as long as Biden remains upright and breathing, Democrats will say they approve of his performance. I have thought for a while that Biden’s job approval numbers are inflated. Basically what pollsters are measuring is the number of people who are so committed to the Democratic Party/leftism/hating Donald Trump that they will pretend to think that Biden is doing a bang-up job. There can’t be many people who actually believe it.

One question is how many of those who pretend to approve of Biden will turn out for the Democrats in November.

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