I never tire of reminding people of Stan Evans’s great quip, “Whenever there is an important policy issue, I want to know what celebrities think. I don’t think the president or Congress should act until they’ve heard from Bono.” (Book with all these quips—and more—just two weeks away now.) Well, behold Hollywood wisdom at its finest:

Keep in mind that Arquette has used every TV awards show she’s ever been in to instruct Americans about politics.

Speaking of a certain forthcoming book, the first (of many) podcasts with the author is up today, with John Miller’s Bookmonger show for NR.

This headline just calls out for parody:

Yale scientists restore cellular function in 32 dead pig brains

The image of an undead brain coming back to live again is the stuff of science fiction. Not just any science fiction, specifically B-grade sci fi. What instantly springs to mind is the black-and-white horrors of films like Fiend Without a Face. Bad acting. Plastic monstrosities. Visible strings. And a spinal cord that, for some reason, is also a tentacle?

But like any good science fiction, it’s only a matter of time before some manner of it seeps into our reality. This week’s Nature published the findings of researchers who managed to restore function to pigs’ brains that were clinically dead.

If these scientists can extend this work, perhaps there may be hope for Yale’s administrators yet. Yale’s leadership certainly has the “bad acting,” “plastic monstrosities,” and “a spinal cord that looks like a tentacle” down cold.

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