While most of the corporate media world puts tons of attention on the possibility of Russia starting a nuclear war against NATO and the United States, some in alternative media have rightly predicted their most likely “nuclear” attack will not be with weapons of mass destruction. It seems much more likely and practical for them to launch a massive cyberattack that would cripple the world’s internet for days, weeks, or longer, bringing chaos to a western world that has grown completely dependent on digital infrastructure.

As Brandon Smith noted last week, a cyberattack seems imminent. JD Heyes said a few days before that the Russian invasion was a perfect opportunity for the so-called “Cyber Pandemic.” Now, we’re receiving news that Russia has invoked a conveniently timed 2019 law allowing them to “quarantine” their internet. IF they were planning on launching a massive cyberattack, this would be the first step they would take.

According to The Independent:

Russia is reportedly planning to disconnect itself from Western internet services as technology companies block off the country during the invasion of Ukraine. The move could isolate Russia further as firms including Netflix, Adobe, PayPal, and others have all suspended services.

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Now, two documents published by the Ministry of Digital Development outline measures the Russian government wants state-owned websites to take to “coordinate actions to defend telecommunication services on the internet.”

This includes switching from foreign hosting services to those based in Russia, and removing code that did not originate in the country. However, rather than an internal action, the Russian state has suggested that this is a measure to be taken in the wake of cyberattacks that could harm government websites.

Such attacks have already been made on Kremlin websites, which were taken down by the hacking group Anonymous. Russian TV channels were also “hacked to play Ukrainian songs”, with the group declaring that it was “at war” with Russia.

It is long-past time for everyone to backup their most important digital files to localized hard drives. But that’s the least of our concerns because so much of our day-to-day lives are attached to digital infrastructure. Bills are often paid and collected digitally. Banking is very digital with hand-written checks pretty much a thing of the past. Credit- and bank-card payment processing is almost entirely dependent on the internet today. I could list a hundred different ways a temporarily or even permanently broken internet would cause instant financial apocalypse.

Utilities, healthcare, emergency dispatches — all dependent on the internet. Communication and travel — partially dependent on the internet. A massive cyberattack could turn the United States into a third-world country very quickly.

Yes, it’s time to be prepared. Water, food, ammunition, and life-saving supplies should be available. You should have cash on hand, just in case the dollar still has value. And most importantly, make a plan with family and friends to work together if communication is cut of and chaos ensues. If Russia does what they may be planning to do right now, you’ll be thankful that you were prepared.

Here is an article by Jeff Thompson from The Organic Prepper that lays out what he believes is happening right now:

Russia Just Disconnected from the World’s Internet. It May Not Just Be About Censorship.

The year 2019 was of historical importance. It was during that year we saw a number of “simulations” take place that mysteriously began to take place within reality just a short time later. Chief of these would be Event 201; a COVID pandemic simulation put on by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Just a few months after the simulation, we ended up with the events of early 2020.

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We also saw Plan A take place in 2019. In this Pentagon-led study, we were shown how NATO expansion into Eastern Europe would lead to global nuclear exchange. Now, here we sit in 2022, a hair’s breadth away from nuclear war.

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Russia and its “sovereign internet”

But what you may not know about 2019 was that it was during this year that Vladimir Putin signed into law a “sovereign internet” bill for Russia. This bill gave Moscow the “legal” authority to quarantine Russia’s internet from the rest of the world.

At the time, we were told that this was going to help Russia to deal with threats to Russian internet “in the event it’s disconnected from the World Wide Web.” Russia had apparently been working to this end for years prior to 2019, with tests having been conducted in 2014, which proved that it was possible for Russia to quarantine itself from the rest of the world’s internet.

And now, here in 2022, as the entire world has gone mad, and mainstream media does everything it can to unite the American people against Russia (the very act of which should arouse suspicion. Did the MSM suddenly become reputable? Should you believe everything they tell you now? Should you take what they have to say at face value now?).

Of particular note, however, is the fact that Russia is now looking at putting their “sovereign internet” law into practice.

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Russia is withdrawing its internet from the rest of the world.

At the surface level, this is troubling. One can’t help but think of Hitler’s argument that Germany was “hemmed in” and thus, justified in waging an expeditionary war. One may be led to believe that this is an action that will only precede a larger retaliatory action by Russia against the forces of NATO.

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Currently, the mainstream media is using this action to criticize Russia’s lack of free speech. This is rather ironic, considering that mainstream media is one of the largest opponents to free speech (Am I the only one who was looking around the past two years?). The MSM championed Russia being pushed out of the global internet, and then, they point the finger and hiss now that Russia has begun the “quarantine” process.

“Look! No free speech!” they yell.

And, indeed, this is true.

All internet traffic in Russia must pass through the Kremlin’s internet censor, RoscomnadzorBut is this really what is going on here, or is there something deeper to look at?

If you’ll remember, the World Economic Forum has repeatedly engaged in simulations looking at the threat of a “cyber pandemic” – and event so bad that the entire internet would be infected. This would absolutely destroy cyberspace, and the simulation Cyber Polygon has been used to justify increased government control within the cyber realm to protect against this apparent global threat.

Are you beginning to see the picture?

Now, watch the below video. Who are the Young Global Leaders?

But wait. There’s more.

Ukraine’s Zelensky is a former Young Global Leader as well.

What’s the real reason for the internet quarantine?

Is Russia truly separating from the rest of the world’s internet to crack down on its citizenry as they go to war? Is Russia pulling away from the World Wide Web because they’ve been forced to? Remember, this is something they signed into law in that eventful year 2019. They’ve been preparing for this moment.

Do they know something that we do not? In the event of a global cyber pandemic, if Russia is already “quarantined” from the rest of the world’s internet, are they going to be at risk? What would be the only unaffected country on earth?

Not the ones that have been speaking up against tyranny. Not the ones with truckers and flags. The only unaffected country would be the one with functioning internet.

Make no mistake. Something is afoot. And a cyber pandemic could very well be it.

Why do you think Russia disconnected from the internet?

Do you think it’s just about shutting down free speech? Or do you think something more nefarious is at play? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments.

About Jeff

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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Big Pharma’s Five Major Minions that Everyone, Vaxxed or Unvaxxed, Must Oppose

This is not an “anti-vaxxer” article, per se. It’s a call for everyone to wake up to the nefarious motives behind vaccine mandates, booster shots, and condemnation of freedom.

The worst kept secret in world history SHOULD be that the unquenchable push for universal vaccinations against Covid-19 has little if anything to do with healthcare and everything to do with Big Pharma’s influence over the narrative. Unfortunately, that secret has stayed firmly hidden from the vast majority of people because of the five major minions working on behalf of Big Pharma.

What’s even worse is the fact that Big Pharma’s greed is merely a smokescreen to hide an even darker secret. We’ll tackle that later. First, let’s look at the public-facing ringleaders behind the vaccine push, namely Big Pharma. But before we get into their five major minions, it’s important to understand one thing. This is NOT just an article that speaks to the unvaccinated. Even those who believe in the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines must be made aware of agenda that’s at play.

Let’s start with some facts. The unvaccinated do NOT spread Covid-19 more rampantly than the vaccinated. Even Anthony Fauci acknowledged the viral load present in vaccinated people is just as high as in the unvaccinated. This fact alone should demolish the vaccine mandates as it demonstrates they have absolutely no effect on the spread of the disease. But wait! There’s definitely more.

This unhinged push to vaccinate everyone defies science. Those with natural immunity may actually have their stronger defenses against Covid-19 hampered by the introduction of the injections which fool the body into creating less-effective antibodies. Moreover, the push to vaccinate young people is completely bonkers. The recovery rate for those under the age of 20 is astronomical. Children neither contract, spread, nor succumb to Covid-19 in a statistically meaningful way. What they DO succumb to more often than Covid-19 are the adverse reactions to the vaccines, particularly boys.

All of this is known and accepted by the medical community, yet most Americans are still following the vaccinate-everybody script. It requires pure cognitive dissonance and an overabundant need for confirmation bias to make doctors and scientists willingly go along with the program. Yet, here we are and that should tell you something.

Before I get to the five major minions of of Big Pharma, I must make the plea for help. Between cancel culture, lockdowns, and diminishing ad revenue, we need financial assistance in order to continue to spread the truth. We ask all who have the means, please donate through our GivingFuel page or via PayPal. Your generosity is what keeps these sites running and allows us to expand our reach so the truth can get to the masses. We’ve had great success in growing but we know we can do more with your assistance.

Who does Big Pharma control? It starts with the obvious people, the ones who most Americans believe are actually behind this push. Our governments at all levels as well as governments around the world are not working with Big Pharma. They are working for Big Pharma. Some are proactive as direct recipients of cash. Others may oppose Big Pharma in spirit but would never speak out because they know anyone who does has no future in DC.

This may come as a shock to some, but it’s Big Pharma that drives the narrative and sets the agenda for the “experts” at the CDC, FDA, WHO, NIH, NIAID, and even non-medical government organizations.

Most believe it’s the other way around. They think that Big Pharma is beholden to the FDA for approval, but that’s not exactly the case. They need approval for a majority of their projects, but when it comes to the important ones such as the Covid injections, Big Pharma is calling the shots. They have the right people in the right places to push their machinations forward.

That’s not to say that everyone at the FDA is in on it. Big Pharma only needs a handful of friendlies planted in leadership in order to have their big wishes met. We have seen people quitting the FDA in recent weeks for this very reason. The same can be said about the other three- and five-letter agencies. Too many people in leadership have been bribed, bullied, or blackmailed into becoming occasional shills for the various Big Pharma corporations. Some have even been directly planted by Big Pharma. That’s the politics of healthcare and science that drives such things as Covid-19 “vaccines.”

Read the rest of this story, but please be sure to donate first if you can.

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