Conservatives are awfully glad that Attorney General Merrick Garland is not sitting on the Supreme Court. Though still bitter about the circumstances, liberals are also awfully glad that Garland is not on the Supreme Court, and they also wish he weren’t attorney general. A real attorney general, they say, would have arrested Donald Trump already for inciting the January 6 Capitol riots, also known as “the insurrection.” They don’t think he’s doing his job, but perhaps he gave them some reassurance Thursday when he told NPR that the investigation into the Capitol riots is the “most urgent investigation in the history of the Justice Department.”

Jerry Dunleavy reports for the Washington Examiner:

“This is the most urgent investigation in the history of the Justice Department. It is the most resource-intensive. We have thrown 70 prosecutors from the District of Columbia and another 70 around the country,” Garland said of the Capitol riot in an NPR interview on Thursday. “Every FBI office, almost every U.S. attorney’s office in the country is working on this matter. We’ve issued thousands of subpoenas, seized and examined thousands of electronic devices, examined terabytes of data, thousands of hours of videos. People are working every day, 24/7, and are fully aware of how important this is.”

Garland added: “This had to do with the interference with the peaceful transfer of power from one administration to another. And it doesn’t get more important than that.”

You’d think they’d have some clue who planted those pipe bombs with that sort of manpower.

You’d think a whole lot more people would be locked up for insurrection by now if it’s so urgent.


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