Who among us couldn’t benefit from a laugh right about now? So let’s all get down on our knees and thank the Lord for Deep State Radio host and Daily Beast columnist David Rothkopf, who’s got some quality comedic material to present for our utter enjoyment.

See, while the reasons that so many of us are struggling to crack a smile are more than likely somehow related to Joe Biden’s administration, David seems to have successfully convinced himself that Joe Biden and Co. have given us a great deal to be thankful for. At least when it comes to international matters:

It only gets better from there:

Ah, yes. Look at all those accomplishments!

13 U.S. service members were killed, Afghan girls and women became sex slaves, countless innocent Afghans were killed or left to die, and the Taliban is back in charge! It could’ve been worse — 14 U.S. service members could’ve been killed! We’re lucky it was handled as well as it was, and the net benefits were great. The greatest we could ask for.

What could possibly more daunting and impressive and strengthy than this?

But wait! There’s more:

(Now might be a good time to take a break to change your underwear if you’ve already peed through it from laughing so hard.)

It was a genuine act of political courage for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to pull out of Afghanistan with absolutely no contingency plans to speak of and to push energy policies that would make gas increasingly unaffordable for more and more Americans! The only thing more courageous than that is blaming Vladimir Putin for all our problems!

And now, if you’ll excuse David, he has to head back to the mothership before it leaves without him again.

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