Education Minnesota, the NEA branch that runs Minnesota’s public schools, has been making war on the state’s children for the last two years. In 2020 the teachers’ union demanded that the schools be shut down, and in a Democratic administration, what the union demands, it gets. The result, when test results came in at the end of the 2021 school year, was a catastrophic collapse in student performance.

That was bad enough. But, now that the schools are finally back in session, the Minneapolis union still doesn’t want to work. It has gone on strike, shutting down the schools once again. The context for the strike is grim: Minneapolis’s public schools are almost unbelievably bad, despite spending enormous amounts of money.

Why is the teachers’ union striking, apart from sheer malice directed against our children? For more money, of course. But that isn’t how the union head puts it:

So Minneapolis’s unionized teachers want more money so they can fight “patriarchy”–odd, since in the education bureaucracy and the public schools there is hardly a man in sight–and our free enterprise system. For this, they deserve not a pay raise, but a pay cut. Like, to zero.

Have we reached the point where the public schools, at least in states dominated by far-left teachers’ unions, do more harm than good? Perhaps so. Not long ago, the Left’s battle cry was “defund the police.” That was idiotic. But “defund the public schools”? That is a movement I could get behind.

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