A Washington state high school chemistry teacher and gay and sexuality club adviser has been reprimanded for making a disgusting joke about anal sex in front of her students using her specially adapted tissue box.

KTTH Radio’s Jason Rantz first reported on the story of Anacortes High School teacher Casey Anderson, who admitted to making the comments about her kitty cat tissue dispenser, vaseline, and anal sex.

Anderson wrote on her Facebook page:

“The most recent entry into ‘Things Ms. Anderson Will Hear About From HR.’ So, in my room (picture attached) I have a cat butt tissue dispenser. Currently, the dispenser is out of tissues. A student noticed this and asked, ‘how do you refill it?’ I paused for a moment, then tell my class ‘I turn down the lights, then put on some soft music and use a LOT of vaseline. I may have retrieved a big container of petroleum jelly I had in my closet (for … reasons …) and placed it right by the cat. Class took a turn after that.”

It’s unclear what else happened in her classroom after that, only that “class took a turn after that.”

Who knows how many other sex toy show-and-tell items she has in her classroom?

Rantz reports that Ms. Anderson has done this type of thing before, according to parents.

The school district issued a statement saying that it had conducted an investigation and “formally reprimanded the teacher. This behavior is unacceptable and not tolerated by the district. We received several complaints from parents. The formal reprimand becomes part of an employee’s personnel file. We’re working with the employee to ensure that professional standards are met in the future.”

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PJ Media reached out to Anderson for comment but hadn’t received a reply by publication.

Anderson apparently believes it’s her job to describe anal sex to her science students, but it turns out, parents and students think that’s above her pay grade.

A look at the school website shows that Anderson is also the “Gay and Sexualities Alliance” adviser, so that should give every parent the warm fuzzies. Instead of a place to go to fit in, it sounds as if students are given a how-to instead.

Anacortes School District

One can only imagine how many more how-to sessions she can cram in her one-hour-and-15-minute after-school meetings on Thursday afternoons every other week.

When schools said they wanted a safe place for LGBTQ students to go to parents probably didn’t figure her “lessons” would spill out in her regular classroom duties. That must be some chemistry class.

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