The Biden administration’s planned talks with Venezuela that would possibly ease sanctions on Venezuelan oil exports as gas prices rise in the U.S. had Politico seeing some Republican pouncing going on earlier this week:

Florida Republicans were quick to pile on the Biden administration over talks with Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro to potentially ease sanctions on Venezuelan oil exports.

By Monday, top Democrats in the state also jumped into the fray, expressing in a more measured way their serious concerns over President Joe Biden’s engagement with the South American authoritarian regime.

And that was before the White House made any actual decisions or deals.

That comes as the Biden administration is urging Americans to go electric to hasten the “necessary transition” away from fossil fuels.

With all that in mind, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s tweet about a Biden NSC staffer’s Instagram post has it all:

Here’s the whole thing:

Wow. Where to start with that one? How about with the usual hypocrisy:

As usual, lefty visions of a “clean energy” future where there’s no oil and gas don’t include them giving up their private planes (which definitely won’t be powered by pixie dust & rainbows).

The government will force people to give up their gas-powered vehicles long before their jets are grounded (which will never happen).

The U.S. State Department doesn’t even recognize Maduro as the legitimate leader of Venezuela, but any port in a dismal approval rating storm apparently.

And yet another level of hypocrisy has been spotted:

As usual, the “rules” are for everybody else.



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