Florida Democrats had a golden opportunity to make a case for their vision of teaching kids about the LGBTQ movement. When Republicans in the state legislature proposed HB 1557, also known as the Parental Rights in Education bill, it was almost like they gave Democrats a gift. The Democrats could have taken their shot at proposing an alternative, one that was as reasonably worded and thoughtful as what the GOP proposed, or they could have simply made the case for maintaining the status quo.

But no. Florida Democrats — and the Democrats nationwide who followed in their wake — managed to take that opportunity and spit in its face.

Instead, Democrats took one particular aspect of the bill, the part that “prohibits classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity in certain grade levels,” and blew it out of proportion. In the most inane example of branding possible, Democrats labeled HB 1557 the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and convinced the mainstream media to fall for it hook, line, and sinker.

Then, Democrats in Florida and liberal celebrities decided that the best way to combat the Parental Rights in Education legislation was to simply use the word “gay” as much as they could.

Did these Florida Democrats think that people would see them and think: These women are singing the word “gay” to the tune of “Smoke on the Water.” Maybe there’s nothing wrong with convincing 7-year-olds that they’re transgender?

And weren’t you basing your decision on Florida’s legislation on what Luke Skywalker had to say about it?

I might as well add that Hamill’s stupid tweet garnered a considerable amount of complaints from German Twitter users. Go figure.

Meanwhile, Hamill’s sometime-employer and major economic force in Florida, Disney, has “paused” political donations in the state after Disney CEO Bob Chapek called DeSantis to try to talk him out of “Don’t Say Gay.” DeSantis essentially told Chapek to pound sand. What’s particularly funny about the stunt is that Disney gives to both parties in the state, so Disney is hurting Democrats almost as much as Republicans with this move.

All of the Democrat shenanigans surrounding the Parental Rights in Education bill prove that they’re intellectually bankrupt. If they had any real ideas for how to combat the legislation, they would’ve presented it. Instead, all they have is mischaracterization of the bill itself and chanting one word over and over to fit their smear campaign over a completely rational piece of legislation.

We’ve seen how bereft the Democrats are of intelligence multiple times lately. Last year, Republicans in Georgia, Texas, and other states passed laws that secure elections and guard against fraud and other sketchy Democrat moves.

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The Democrats resorted to lies as a counter to these reasonable measures. They repeated the lies so frequently that they became talking points. President Joe Biden even went so far as to call it “Jim Crow in the 21st century.” Thank-God-she’s-not-Gov. Stacey Abrams launched a smear campaign against her home state, writing an editorial in USA Today calling for a boycott of Georgia, although USA Today allowed her to tone down her rhetoric in the op-ed after the fact. Why does Abrams so hate the state she wants to rule over?

Major League Baseball withdrew the All-Star Game from Atlanta over the lies (though the Braves got the last laugh in the form of a World Series trophy), and other corporations spoke out against Georgia. The first election under Georgia’s new law, Atlanta’s mayoral contest, saw voter turnout increase, especially among the minorities that Democrats said would be hurt by the law.

The “voter suppression” narrative is so prevalent in an intellectually bankrupt party that their only solution is proposed legislation that calls for the federal takeover of elections. Why is a Democrat solution always one that involves the biggest role for the government?

I could go on about any number of other issues — abortion, environmentalism, the list goes on — but it’s abundantly clear that the left has abandoned any pretense of having any new ideas that will appeal to anyone but their far-left wing. Lies, stunts, and silliness are all they have anymore. We can only hope that they’ll pay at the ballot box as a result this fall and in 2024.

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