Lucretia and I review the week’s news (despite my being completely out of whisky in a fit of incompetence), and conclude that there’s a gathering storm of doom for the left. First, the incompetence of the Biden Administration from top to bottom is impossible not to disguise effectively much longer. The attempt to blame inflation on Putin (because they can’t blame it on Trump after claiming for so long that it was merely a “transitory” supply chain issue) is destined to fail, and the infelicity of his pronouncements on the Ukraine crisis are surely unnerving our allies in Europe. (And that’s before he sent Kah-maaaallla over to underscore the shallowness of the administration.) Just wait till the recession hits in a few months. I lay out a few scenarios about how and why the coming recession may be one of the most unique and difficult to remedy in our history. Even Jimmy Carter belatedly figured out inflation in 1979, but the Biden crew seem imperious to experience.

Beyond the White House, there are scenes of a leftist crackup taking shape. Just as the left greeted the news of Asians defecting to the Republican Party as a sign that Asians had bought into “white supremacy,” the evidence that Hispanics are defecting from Democrats to the Republican Party in growing numbers has prompted the predictable response: Hispanics are becoming “white nationalists.” Seriously: Axios says so.

And if that wasn’t tedious enough, as reported Friday, the ancient tourist attraction at Pompeii in Italy has gone woke, and is now emphasizing the role of race, class, gender, slavery, violence, and climate change in its representation of the most important aspects of the abrupt climate change event of 70 AD. Can you get more tedious than this? No: none more tedious. They went to eleven.

Finally, we ask the big identity politics question of the week: How can we observe “Women’s History Month” if there are no such thing as “women” any more—only “birthing persons”?

You know what to do now: listen here, or row your way over to our hosts at Ricochet.

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