There has recently been a decided shift in the attitudes of the mayors of many liberal cities toward the homeless encampments that have become seemingly permanent fixtures on their streets and in parks and other public spaces. Residents have been increasingly concerned over the crime, filth, and drug trafficking that accompanies these “tent cities” and have been demanding action. This is particularly true in New York City and Washington, D.C. where mayors Eric Adams and Muriel Bowser have begun programs intended to remove the homeless and get them into safe shelters or medical facilities. There is now an increased incentive to do this quickly, however. Police in both cities are hunting for a suspect who has allegedly been randomly shooting homeless men while they sleep in doorways or makeshift camps. In recent days, the gunman has shot at least five homeless people. (NY Post)

The mayors of New York City and Washington, DC urged their cities’ homeless populations to seek shelter Sunday as a “cold-blooded killer” who had shot at least five vagrants remained on the loose.

A lone gunman is suspected of targeting sleeping homeless men in a series of shootings in DC and the Big Apple this month that has so far left two men dead and three others wounded.

New York Mayor Eric Adams and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser said they were coordinating with federal authorities to investigate the crimes before he strikes again.

There’s a really horrifying surveillance camera video at the link (graphic content warning) showing the suspect wearing a ski mask and approaching a homeless man sleeping in a doorway. The suspect nudges the man with his foot several times, apparently trying to wake him up, but there is no response from the sleeping man. The suspect keeps looking up and down the street to see if anyone is close by before pulling out a handgun and shooting the sleeping man multiple times.

Unfortunately, the only semi-clear security camera image of the suspect without his mask was taken in low light conditions. You can’t really even make out what race he is, to say nothing of any clear details of his features. He does appear to be bald with some facial hair, however.

The first three shootings took place in Washington over the course of six nights. The suspect then apparently traveled to New York City, likely on a train, where he shot two more people in the Soho district. This really doesn’t sound like the work of a random, insane homeless individual, as they don’t tend to be frequent travelers. The crimes also don’t appear to fit the normal patterns of gang violence, since gang members generally have a motivation for killing each other or victims who are robbed. What’s the point of just shooting up homeless men in their sleep?

While I’m not implying any sort of conspiracy theory here, this evil rampage will likely provide the homeless with an additional incentive to accept the help of police and social workers who are trying to get them off of the streets. The police in both cities are distributing flyers seeking information about the suspect and warning the homeless that someone with a gun is murdering them in their sleep.

If you happen to live in either of these cities and think you might have some information about the suspect shown in the photo and videos, you are asked to contact the police departments in either city to offer a tip. With the available photos and video, it just seems as if somebody must know who this murderer is.

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