Colin Kaepernick still fancies himself to be a great football player and is preparing for his eventual return to the NFL.

Kaepernick hasn’t actually played since the 2016 season, and it’s hard to believe anyone really misses him. Thanks to his kneeling during the national anthem, the NFL found itself in the horrible position of being used as a platform for political statements — and it has been well-used indeed. Others in the NFL and other professional sports have been “inspired” by Kaepernick’s anti-America hissy fit, and the NFL and other leagues experienced a decline in ratings because viewers didn’t care to be lectured by millionaire sports players about how evil America is.

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Nevertheless, Kaepernick thinks a comeback is possible, and according to a tweet posted Sunday, he’s actively preparing for it.

“For The past 5 years I’ve been working out and staying ready in case an opportunity to play presented itself. I’m really grateful to my trainer, who I’ve been throwing to all this time,” he tweeted. “But man, do I miss throwing to professional route runners. Who’s working?? I will pull up.”

Adorable, isn’t it? Kaepernick probably still believes he was let go because of politics, too, and not because he was a mediocre player.

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