Susan Rice is gonna Susan Rice, we know this.

But she not only congratulated a man for making USA Today’s Women of the Year list, but she called him a trailblazer. Oh, we get it, we’re supposed to pretend we don’t realize Rachel Levine isn’t a woman but c’mon, asking people to buy into this narrative was bad enough but now they’re naming ‘her’ a woman of the year?


Everything. Is. Dumb.

If we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads we’d be able to see Canada from our backyard.

Yeah, that works.

As you can well imagine, this did not go over so hot with the good people of Twitter.


Oh, and praising ‘her’ for how she handled COVID? REALLY?

USA Today may have forgotten, but we didn’t.


Gonna guess even Jake from State Farm knows this.



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