Who knew all our high-priced gasoline problems were solved a few years ago by none other than the NBA’s own Shaquille O’Neal? It’s true.

While surfing around on GETTR, I came across this hilarious gem of a video clip from 2018. It turns out that according to the laws of Shaq Math, those of us filling up our tanks—including his TNT Inside the NBA colleagues Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley— have been doing it wrong all along.

It all began when Smith told the panel about the time O’Neal gave him an education. “I told him I didn’t want to get a certain vehicle because of the amount of gas [money] I would have to spend,” Smith explained. “It cost like $80 to fill it up.”

And what was Shaq’s response to Smith’s declaration? Well, it seems if we don’t ever let our gas tanks get that low, we’ll actually save money. Much to the panel’s bemusement and amusement, the straight-faced O’Neal replied, “When it gets to half [a tank], you put $20 in it and bring it back to full.” Huh.

“But I would have to stop off,” said Smith.”I’d have to spend $80″ in the end. “No, no you wouldn’t,” said O’Neal. “You’re complaining about when it gets to zero you spend $80, right? When it gets to half, you put $20 and it gets back to half you put $20.”

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“But I’ll keep stopping putting $20 in and it’ll be $80, the same amount of gas,” exclaimed Smith.

“Kenny, the average human stops once a week for gas, right?” asked O’Neal. “With you, you only work here twice [so] you’d only have to stop maybe once every two weeks.” Um, makes perfect sense, right? Don’t worry, it’s okay to belly laugh just like the panel did. Even this Word Girl knows Shaq Math won’t work quite the way our tall friend thinks it will.

We all need a laugh these days, so trust me, spend 4 minutes and 19 seconds to WATCH and enjoy the entire segment below:

And remember, friends, fill up those tanks more often to save money…or something!

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