Teachers and staffers at the public schools in the Eau Claire Area School District in central Wisconsin have been busy receiving all manner of training in how they should perform their duties. At least some of that training, however, has parents seeing red and driving some of them to run to replace members of the school board. The specific training program in question was provided by the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire’s Gender & Sexuality Research Center. It dealt with how to deal with children who are supposedly going through “gender identity transition.” A more accurate way to describe it would be how to deal with those children’s parents. The bottom line is that any such gender-bending behavior should be kept secret from the parents, both by the children and the staff. And any parent who objects to this sort of school-sponsored “transition” process is guilty of some form of child abuse. Needless to say, most of the parents were not thrilled by this news. (National Review)

Teachers at a school district in Wisconsin are being instructed to hide their students’ changing gender identities from parents on the grounds that “parents are not entitled to know,” and that it is “knowledge that must be earned,” according to leaked training documents.

The instruction was part of several recent staff development sessions for teachers in the Eau Claire Area School District in central Wisconsin that focused on safe spaces, gender identity, microaggressions, and oppression. According to one of the trainers, parents who disagree with their kids about gender identity issues are guilty of a form of “abuse.”

Three local school board candidates quickly issued a statement condemning the training. They described themselves as being “appalled and dismayed,” accusing the schools of breaking a long-established social contract.

The contract in question used to be well understood in this country, but apparently not so much in the current woke era. Parents and guardians hold the primary responsibility for the care of their children, as well as the education they receive. Schools do not have the right to simply supplant parental authority and conduct some sort of stealth indoctrination of children, particularly when it runs afoul of the values these parents are working to instill in their offspring.

Details of items covered in the training are provided at the link and they include most of the usual woke lecturing we’ve become accustomed to seeing. Teachers were warned about “microinsults, microinvalidations, and microassaults.” They were also told not to speak of a “colorblind society” or refer to America as a “melting pot.”

We’ve covered this here before, but it bears repeating. Do you know who tells children to keep secrets from their parents? Pedophiles do that, along with other people who are doing shameful things they would prefer to keep in the shadows. Schools are supposed to educate children in what they need to know to prepare them for college, the working world, or wherever the next step in their journies take them. Their values and morals are supposed to be instilled at home. The staff at these schools are actually the ones who should be found guilty of child abuse, not the parents. So we’ve probably located yet another school board that needs to be recalled and replaced. Hopefully the parents in the area are up to the task.

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