Actor-comedian Russell Brand describes himself — and we would agree with this assessment — as “from the Left, a liberal.”

But he has managed to distinguish himself from many other from-the-Left liberals with his willingness to call out bad-faith progressivism masquerading as woke tolerance. He did that recently on his show, where he discussed how “right-wing” is used by the Left to shut down debate and dismiss anyone who questions leftist dogma.

The man makes some valid points.

Listening to Brand explain his views on various issues in that video, it’s readily apparent that he’s no right-wing talking point machine. But he’s willing to hear other points of view, and not only hear them, but expose his audience to those points of view as well — and trust them to be able to form their own opinions for themselves. We don’t share much common ground with Russell Brand when it comes to politics, but we can appreciate and respect his open-mindedness and ability to venture far outside the left-wing echo chambers.

We’re always here for this sort of thing when it happens.



‘Hilarious!’ Russell Brand mocks Brian Stelter and claim CNN doesn’t spread disinformation while Joe Rogan does

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