Asked about Ukrainian refugees Thursday, alleged Vice President Kamala Harris first looked to Polish President Andrzej Duda, and then said: “Okay,” and began chuckling. “A friend in need is a friend indeed,” she continued, and then erupted into the wildly inappropriate cackle that has come to be the hallmark of her smoking ruin of a vice presidency. But according to the wise solons on ABC’s The View, any concern that the person known as the vice president is revealing her abject incompetence with her gales of nervous laughter on the world stage is simply – how did you guess? – “racism.” Oh, and “misogyny,” too. As far as the Left is concerned, what else could it possibly be? It couldn’t be that anyone is worried that we have a joke of an administration, now, could it?

The View’s Joy Behar placed the onus on conservatives, not on Harris, claiming that “the right-wing cannot get over” Harris’s crazed cackle, adding: “The laugh got them.” Behar then asked her fellow panelists: “Did you have a problem with any of the way she handled this, ladies? People are talking about it—I personally think if she was a guy, they would never say it because they made fun of Hillary’s laugh, but I don’t see them making fun of Pence’s laugh or any of the guys.” If you don’t remember Pence cackling maniacally when asked a question he didn’t want to answer, you’re not alone: Ana Navarro then asked the obvious follow-up question: “Did he laugh?”

Well, of course not, as far as these august political analysts are concerned, because as everyone knows, conservatives are grim, humorless, and incapable of compassion. Behar answered: “Well, they don’t laugh very much,” to which Sunny Hostin responded: “He didn’t move the fly that was on his face for, like, an hour.”

Behar surprisingly acknowledged: “To be fair, we did make fun of that fly.” But turnabout was still not fair play: when Stephanie Grisham (White House press secretary during the Trump administration, in 2019 and 2020) asserted that Harris was “underprepared with some of the questions” or “not expecting the questions,” Hostin was having none of it. “What it is,” she said indignantly, “they constantly question the qualifications of black women, and that’s why people are saying that she’s unprepared.”

To that, Grisham replied: “Oh, I disagree. I think she’s a very accomplished woman.” But Hostin was not letting it go: “You can disagree, but that’s the truth of it. So, this is based in racism. This is based in misogyny.” Harris, according to Hostin, was a veritable Thomas Jefferson: “And we’re talking about a woman that has extensive experience abroad, extensive experience as an attorney, extensive experience as the chief legal officer of one of our largest states in the country. She is prepared, she is seasoned. Abroad she gets wonderful marks across the board, but this is just something that I think happens to women and especially black women.”

Ana Navarro then warned Harris’ critics that if they had somehow gotten the crazy idea that the so-called vice president was “not serious” or “not qualified, then you should go qualify your heart and qualify your opinions.”

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Oddly enough, Behar then again suggested that the criticism of Harris had at least some justification in another one of the Left’s earlier pile-ons, on Sarah Palin: “We went after her. We were hard on her. We were hard on her, and now the right wants to be hard on Kamala. It’s possible. I just thought of that this minute.”

Hostin was having none of it, repeating the false claim that Palin had said “she could see what? Russia from her backyard and all of this nonsense?…The qualifications for Kamala, they can’t compare.”

Sure they can’t. But qualifications don’t necessarily make for a competent public official. Kamala Harris is just as Stephanie Grisham characterized her: underprepared, as well as abjectly ignorant of things anyone who has graduated from high-school social studies should know. Her panicky laughter is the obvious reaction of someone who has been caught out, a schoolgirl having to make a presentation in front of class without having cracked open the book. Given Old Joe Biden’s mental state, is entirely possible that she will be the next president of the United States. Will her handlers then work harder to try to make her appear competent and capable? Can even the nation’s best image consultants cover for her at this point?

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