What did she expect? Honestly, someone needs to ask the appointed governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, what in the hell she was thinking by going to a Rangers game to drop the first puck. Did she expect that a crowd of thousands of New Yorkers — who have been denied going to sports events and eating in restaurants for two years because of her — would do anything but boo and scream obscenities at her? And on Women’s Empowerment Night, too. LMAO.

I mean … watch this. These politicians are so tone-deaf and cannot read a room, ever! It’s almost hard to believe they get this far in life with this kind of bad judgment. Here Hochul is at Madison Square Garden, expecting to be heralded and cheered.

I hope she keeps doing this. She should actually make a tour of every sporting event and give all of New York State the chance to boo her in person. It’s wonderfully cathartic just watching this. I wish I had been there to join in. This woman is terrible. Her policies during COVID-19 have been indefensible, and yet she walks around like she hasn’t destroyed people’s livelihoods and harmed their children with her insane masking policies for kids — and kids only — that finally ended this month.

We aren’t going to forget about all that very easily, Mommy Dearest.

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Hopefully Hochul’s election chances are grim. Radio talker Bob Lonsberry says she’s in political trouble. (We can only dream.) “This is why Lee Zeldin is in a statistical dead heat with Kathy Hochul in a state where she enjoys a more than 2-to-1 enrollment advantage,” tweeted Lonsberry.

And who is Lee Zeldin? He’s basically the opposite of Hochul and he’s presumed to be running for governor.

The New York Post reports:

Long Island Rep. Lee Zeldin, the presumptive Republican nominee for governor, released an internal campaign poll Monday claiming he can beat Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul.

The campaign survey shows Zeldin with 45.5 percent of the vote to 44 percent for Hochul, with the rest undecided. The hypothetical matchup is within the poll’s margin of error, which means the race is a dead heat.

The survey of 800 voters, conducted by John McLaughlin & Associates, found that crime is the No. 1 issue, with one in five respondents citing it as their top concern.

Another 17 percent of voters said taxes were their top concern.

Those are good issues for Republicans after Democrats who run state government raised taxes last year and approved the unpopular no-cash bail law.

If Zeldin does run, New Yorkers would be crazy not to vote for him. Who are the people who are still voting for Hochul after everything she’s done to us? Who knows? I have yet to meet anyone in New York who is either a Cuomo or Hochul fan, and yet they keep holding power. The number of “F*ck Cuomo” signs around rural New York are astounding. Yet, that anger never seems to make it to Albany. I’m hoping for better during the next election.

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