As we said in a recent post, we were expecting the Mitt Romney wing of the Republican Party to enthusiastically confirm President Joe Biden’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Kentaji Brown Jackson. But then again, doing that wouldn’t stop one Democrat from considering Republicans racist and sexist anyway. Sen. Josh Hawley seems to recognize that, and, according to the White House, “cherry-picked” bits of Jackson’s record that make her sound soft on sex offenders and child pornography.

Christopher Rufo isn’t a senator, but he has a suggestion for senators: find out where Jackson stands on critical race theory. Rufo kicks off his thread with an MLK Day lecture Jackson gave at the University of Michigan which referenced Professor Derrick Bell and his work.

Tim Pearce reports for The Daily Wire:

Jackson also credits the work of Bell’s widow, Janet Dewart Bell, another leading CRT advocate. Jackson said Dewart Bell first illuminated many of the “observations that I am presenting.” “I have drawn heavily from her excellent insights,” Jackson said.

During her lecture, Jackson also highlighted The New York Times’ “1619 Project” and its architect, “acclaimed investigative journalist” Nikole Hannah-Jones. The 1619 Project began as a series of essays, later repurposed into educational materials for K-12 students, that claimed the United States’ “true founding” took place in 1619 with the arrival of the first slave ship in the U.S.

That reminds us of Vice President Kamala Harris recalling smoking pot while listening to rappers whose albums wouldn’t be released for years.

We can pretty much guarantee right now that no senator is going to bring up any of this. Maybe Ted Cruz. We don’t think it would make a dent, though.

And they, in turn, are trying to promote it in the public school system as early as they can.


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