CNN is finally receiving the karma it ordered years ago.

Looks like Chris Cuomo is willing to take CNN DOWN WITH HIM in the suit he’s filed against his former employer accusing them of selectively enforcing its rules. He then goes on to throw Don Lemon, Jake Tapper, and Jeffrey Toobin under the bus.

Maybe we’re cold-hearted but we can’t seem to pop enough popcorn.

From FoxNews:

“CNN has a long-established pattern and practice of selectively enforcing its policies based on cynical calculations of public perception,” the filing on Wednesday read. “Indeed, CNN fostered a culture in which ‘exceptions’ to the network’s standards and practices were routinely sanctioned, and that culture began at the top with Zucker and Gollust. As long as CNN’s ratings would not be hurt, Zucker and Gollust were more than willing to overlook major transgressions by CNN personalities such as Don Lemon and Jake Tapper, or even to engage in blatant misconduct themselves.”

Blatant misconduct?! SAY IT AIN’T SO.


Lots and lots and lots of popcorn.


Like a broken clock, even Chris Cuomo is right sometimes.

This is really creepy for some reason.

And yet, it works.

Yeah, watching CNN implode is going to be highly entertaining.

Get the corn READY.



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