Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) stopped by Fox & Friends Thursday morning to discuss his current push to repeal federal mask mandates, particularly on airlines and public transport. The Senator locked in a big win earlier this week when the Senate voted in favor of the repeal with bipartisan support.

“The dam has broken, democrats are now openly siding with Republicans to end the federal mask mandates. When will Biden wake up and listen to the American people?” Paul shared on Twitter.

“We had a blowout victory: 57 – 40….This is the first time Democrats have broken ranks on some of these mandates….When people watched the State of the Union and they saw some of these old, tottering representatives not wearing their masks and then the next day they were told by their school system that their 8-year old that’s not really at risk for dying has to wear a mask, they see the hypocrisy —and the don’t see the science, they just see the hypocrisy,” Paul said during his appearance.

Watch the clip above.

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