Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler got trolled by comedians again. And now he’s really, really mad. In fact, after another virtual Portland City Council meeting in which comedians mocked the city council’s navel-gazing, he’s rethinking the rules.

Too bad. These guys are the highlight of the meetings by these woke weirdos.

This time, instead of a homeless man (comedian Alex Stein) who gave the Portland Mayor an atta-boy for allowing him to sleep in his car weeks without a problem and score the best drugs, it was a member of the “Taliban” who promised to deliver the “cleanest heroin” to the drug-friendly city.

Portland is another example of an indulgent West Coast, Messed Coast™ city allowing people who’d rather “smoke their rent and live in a tent” to live for free on city streets, roads, and parks.

The comedian delivered his testimony in a field of dead grass, saying “Andy Ngo is the worst person and Portland is the only place where racism is no longer exists [sic].”

Ted missed the reference to Portland’s siding with Antifa. Portland has shamefully ignored the attacks on Andy Ngo by Antifa without defending the gay Vietnamese-American journalist. Noting the obvious tacit support of the violent political gang was especially rich considering that the Portland mayor accused the fake Taliban guy — reportedly a Pakistani actor — of being a racist.

Mayor Wheeler tried to cut off the man’s speech, saying it was a “racial” display and “this is racial parody and you should be deeply ashamed.” But the shameless “Taliban” member kept right on reading from what looked to be lined white school paper. “It’s absolutely racist behavior on your part,” tut-tutted Wheeler. The fake Taliban guy was cut off. Then, in an attempt at a commanding voice, Wheeler announced the next speaker who was there to speak “about violence in the city.”


A beanie-wearing Millennial began, “Can you hear me?” When Wheeler told him yes, he began. Like a buffet meal where you can pick only the best treats, the speaker chose the most important issues of the day and delivered a delectable woke word salad.

“These right-wingers are trying to infiltrate Portland. And you know, I see Portland and Seattle as cities of artists.” He began to describe burning cars and graffiti as “art.” He continued, “And, you know, the only way to end this Ukraine thing … is if we can all do our part to get vaccinated. Cuz there’s so many people that are still not vaccinated. My grandmother was 95-years-old and she died because those around her refused to get vaccinated because they’re science deniers.” He held up a finger to tick off his point and then continued, “conspiracy theorists – they think it’s some sort of de-population goal by Bill Gates…” He wasn’t done with the Microsoft founder. “Bill Gates is a doctor and he is a medical professional.” He complained about Dr. Fauci “not getting any media coverage.”

Finally, “we should be praying for Ukraine and we should be getting vaccinated at the same time! I’m sickened that I had to go to Israel for my fourth booster shot.”

With a minute left he began a rant about “police brutality,” failing to save Breonna Taylor, and then ended with “on another positive note, George Floyd has been clean and sober for two years now.”

Of course, George Floyd’s death sparked months of Antifa and Black Lives Matter riotings in Portland, causing untold millions in damage.

That was a bridge too far.

“Time’s up,” said far-Left commissioner JoAnn Hardesty with two seconds remaining. Said Wheeler, “we need to rethink communications, colleagues. It’s really becoming a forum for no apparent reason. It’s really unfortunate what’s going on here.”

No, it’s not. They’re just getting a look at themselves and their superciliousness in the mirror and don’t like it.

The forum is meant to allow Portlanders of all stripes to redress their grievances with the council. Nobody ever said they couldn’t use satire.

Portland’s council could simply do their jobs without wearing their far-Left politics on their sleeves, but it’s so much more fun to pass judgment, bully, and berate political opponents.

Name dropping Andy Ngo may have gotten the journalist’s attention. He posted the video on YouTube.

Let’s see if Big Tech strikes this video for not meeting their very high standards.

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