Youth groups were the tightest place to be in the ’90s. Did you go to one religiously back then? Know the warning signs:

-You still know all the lyrics to every single “Silly Songs with Larry” and sing “The Hairbrush Song” every time you’re looking for a hairbrush.

-You remember when all the CCM musicians were Christians.

-You still have no idea what to do when someone of the opposite sex comes in for a front-hug

-Your dad still has his old Promise Keeper’s shirt.

-Whenever everyone leaves the house for a bit you still kind of have this weird fear that you missed the Rapture.

-You learned the most important life lessons from Adventures in Odyssey 

-You got saved at Beach Week. Again.

-You still have that old bottle of Sun-In from beach week in your drawer.

-Whenever someone mentions “rap music” you think of Carman or the rap verse of “Jesus Freak”

-You still don’t have any hair on the place where your WWJD bracelet wore it all off.

-You start all dates with wacky icebreaker games like Chubby Bunny or Sardines.

-Tommy Girl perfume will forever be associated with the time Amber Evans asked to look off your Bible because she forgot hers.

-You still kind of regret burning all your Magic the Gathering cards and secular CDs.

-You thought listening to Audio Adrenaline was edgy, and your big rebellion in high school was listening to MXPX.

-You were shocked when Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ was nothing like the flannelgraph version

-You’re still suspicious that anyone named Nicolae might be the antichrist.

-You make references to McGee & Me but no one understands what the fudge you’re talking about.

-You think Five Iron Frenzy was way better than all those lame secular ska bands. And you’re pretty sad they’re all commies now.

-You had a dope military-themed Bible cover so reading the eternal Word of God would seem cool and hip.

-You learned guitar to get on the worship band just to impress Staci in the 10th grade.

-You still have doubts that you committed your life to Jesus enough times.

Do these signs describe you? Get help today.

This woman is an angry feminist — but she’s quickly changing her tune as World War 3 starts and she faces the possibility of getting drafted.

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