On Thursday, the New York Times confirmed that Hunter Biden’s laptop, which was full of illicit material and damaging information on the Bidens, was indeed authentic. In a report on a Justice Department investigation of Hunter Biden’s business dealings, they cited emails from the very laptop the mainstream media previously dismissed as Russian disinformation.  

“Those emails were obtained by The New York Times from a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop. The email and others in the cache were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation,” the newspaper admitted.

Is that so? That’s funny because I remember when 50 former senior intelligence officials signed on to a letter claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop story had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” Their letter gave Joe Biden cover to pretend it didn’t exist, gave the media an excuse not to cover the story, and provided social media the pretense to censor any discussion about it.

But we knew the truth. And we refused to be bullied into silence.

There was never any reason to believe the laptop or its contents were Russian disinformation. Conservative media knew it was authentic when the New York Post first reported on the laptop and all the dirty secrets it contained. We knew even when the New York Post was censored by social media for spreading “misinformation.” And so we kept on reporting on it.

And we were right. 

“Anyone with a brain can see that the deep state worked together with Big Tech & the establishment media to cover up Hunter’s laptop scandal to protect Joe in the run up to the election,” Donald Trump Jr. wrote on Twitter. “These people are propagandists with zero credibility & should NEVER be believed on anything.”

If it hadn’t been for conservative media having the guts to report on the story, despite the incredible efforts to cover up, we might never have known about it in the first place. If we hadn’t pushed the story as hard as we did, it may have faded away, and the New York Times would never have had to concede that the laptop and its contents were authentic.

Despite efforts to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story, we stood up to the big-tech censors.

So here’s a warning for the liberal media: We’re going to keep reporting on the things they don’t want us to cover. We will continue to do the job they refuse to do.

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