As PJ Media’s Matt Margolis reported, Dr. Anthony Fauci hinted, in an ABC News podcast Friday, that he might not have to be carried out of the National Institutes of Health in a pine box. At 81, the mendacious midget should carefully consider whether he should buy green bananas, let alone work too much longer. Yet Dr. Fauci is not acting like someone ready to exit the scene.

He has appeared on ABC, PBS, and CNN in the last few days. It seems he was making the rounds to talk about the BA.2 variant, a more transmissible strain of omicron. It’s not a good sign that the administration sent Fauci as their ambassador to the masses again. He always paints the most discouraging picture of the future and recommends the most severe measures, then the CDC recommendations generally follow his public statements more than scientific data.

As Matt noted, Fauci talked out of both sides of his mouth when he hinted at retiring; he also did this when discussing the new variant. According to ABC:

“I would not be surprised if in the next few weeks we see somewhat of either a flattening of our diminution or maybe even an increase,” Fauci told ABC News’ Brad Mielke on the podcast “Start Here.”

His prediction is based on conversations with colleagues in the U.K., which is currently seeing a “blip” in cases, Fauci said. The pandemic trajectory in the U.S. has often followed the U.K. by about three weeks.

However, he added, “Their intensive care bed usage is not going up, which means they’re not seeing a blip up of severe disease.”

Despite the lack of evidence for severe illness with the new variant, Dr. Fauci warned of waning immunity and echoed CDC Director Rochelle Walensky’s assertion that elderly Americans would need a second booster in the coming weeks. Fauci continued to evade discussion of what we know about immunity from prior infection and its ability to prevent severe disease. He also acted as if the FDA never granted emergency use authorization to new outpatient treatments.

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On PBS, Fauci conceded the country is in a period of declining cases and deaths but cautioned we generally follow the pattern of the U.K. a few weeks later. He predicted the U.S. would see an uptick in “cases” — a meaningless metric for managing public health. When Fauci says “cases” he means positive tests, whether the person is symptomatic or not. This includes compulsory testing of all hospital patients regardless of admission reason.

All the anchors displayed consternation at the coming surge in light of relaxing restrictions for indoor masking. On PBS, Fauci reminded us of the CDC’s call to be ready to “snap back” to indoor masking and other useless mitigation measures if there was a surge in cases. There was never any evidence masks slowed the spread of omicron, and BA.2 is even more transmissible. Fauci told ABC, “You can go ahead and continue to tiptoe towards normality, which is what we’re doing, but at the same time, be aware that you may have to reverse.”

It is not clear why that would be the case, if Fauci believes his own defense of the CDC’s decision to manage COVID-19 using metrics related to severe illness from the virus, primarily hospitalizations and death. But he repeated his warning to Jake Tapper on CNN. “We need to be flexible, and if, in fact, we do see a turnaround and a resurgence, we have to be able to pivot and go back to any degree of mitigation that is commensurate with what the situation is.”

In the U.K., there has been no return of mitigation measures. There has been no “snap back” amid rising cases with the BA.2 variant. Fauci never explains why Americans should expect a different result if positive tests rise here.

It seemed Fauci had been sidelined in favor of consultants’ advice telling Democrats to claim victory over the virus for a few weeks. During that time, the Biden administration and Democrat leaders across the nation tried to retcon their authoritarian and, in many cases, harmful pandemic restrictions.

However, if you believed the entire nation was on a steady path back to normal, don’t get your hopes up, especially if you live in a blue state or city. These areas of the country will be the first to “snap back.” If Fauci or the public health bureaucracy gives them a reason, the tin-pot dictators in places like California and New York will be back again. In New York, regulations still require children under five to wear masks. Do you really think Governor Kathy Hochul won’t order them back on every face?

Fauci told ABC, “From what I know about human nature, which I think is pretty much a lot, people are kind of done with COVID.” Residents of red states and counties have been done for a year and a half. There will be no reversals or snapping back in what is left of America, where freedom still matters. No matter what Dr. Anthony Fauci says.

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