The New York Post has been on a roll with its covers, but today’s is something special. The Post righteously rubs in the New York Times’s vindication its use of Hunter Biden’s laptop for its reporting in the runup to the 2020 presidential election. Then it wasn’t fit to print. Now it is. Something happened.

The cover flags Michael Goodwin’s column “The New York Times hates to say The Post told you so.” Today’s cover and Goodwin’s column follow up on yesterday’s excellent Post editorial.

Neither yesterday’s editorial nor Goodwin’s column follows up on the trashing of the Post’s reporting as bearing the hallmarks of Russian disinformation, according to “dozens of former intel officials” who colluded with Politico’s Natasha Bertrand to inject their poison into the election. Goodwin column only alludes to it, but this may be the most important element of the laptop affair. It shouldn’t remain swept under the rug. Indeed, it is deserving of its own Post cover, editorial, and Goodwin column.

Quotable quote (Michael Goodwin): “It took the Gray Lady nearly 17 months to grudgingly concede even a fraction of what New York Post readers learned in October 2020. Of course, Times readers would have learned all that too if their paper was still in the news business instead of being a running dog for Democrats….And what’s the Times going to do about the e-mail where Hunter complains to his daughter that his father takes half of his income from him? Or the one where a partner on other deals, Eric Schwerin, writes that he moves money between Hunter and Joe’s checking accounts?”

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